So as you maybe aware from a previous post, DC World was invited by Warner Bros. to the World Premiere in London of Aquaman and of course we went along and WOW what a spectacular time we had. I got to meet the legendary director James Wan and also Actor Patrick Wilson who plays ORM- Ocean Master in the movie.

I got to chat with James at a drinks reception before we headed off the the Blue Carpet event in London and asked a couple of questions before having some pictures with him.( you can see more in our previous post) James is really talented and has a such a super character and energy about him which I loved and this definitely shows in all his movies especially Aquaman, I could of asked James so much but sadly we only had limited time for everyone to get in there time with him.

Please check out our video below and we will be posting our longer audio interview with James Wan and Patrick Wilson on a separate page.


I would like to Thank all the amazing people at Warner Bros. and other medias for making this possible and DC World appreciated the 2 days massively, this was an event and Spectacular movie and will not be forgetting this experience ever.


Thank you.