Breaking news from the panels over in Nashville for Heroes and Villains as Stephen Amell says we wont have to wait all season for an Olicity wedding!

Twitter user “Mindy-HVFF TN” has also shared news with us that Oliver Queen is going to have a brand new apartment in Season 6. At HVFF London, Stephen confirmed that Season 6 of Arrow would be based on Family, so could this new apartment be the start of his and Felicity’s family together?

Twitter user, Stacey Owen, asked if David Ramsey could share anything about Season 6, and his response was ‘Do you like weddings?’. This is a massive hint that Oliver and Felicity will be getting married in Season 6!

Another twitter user, ‘Rachel @ HVFF’, states that William (Oliver Queen’s son) will be a very big part of Season 6, as Oliver adjusts to being a father. This is exciting news as Felicity may take on William as her own now that is Mother has possibly died in the explosion at the end of last season.

One more piece of news, as it has also been confirmed as somebody from Season 1 who has not been seen since then is returning in Season 6. Who could this be? Stay tuned to Arrow to find out when it returns to our screens October 12th, 9pm on The CW!