So, this year’s amazing Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds” has now aired in both the U.S. and the U.K.

We here at DC World enjoyed it almost as soon as it was originally broadcast and had a whale of a time talking about it. To celebrate the event, here is our first ever round-table review. It’s no longer spoilerific if you’ve seen the crossover, but contains MAJOR SPOILERS for those who haven’t… read ahead at your own peril.

Involved in this madcap chat are DC World regulars Erin Marie Durcan, Max Byrne, John Hammond, James Stone, Site Owner and Creator Paul Edwards and myself Steve J. Ray.

Episode 1 – The Flash

James: From the opening segment, having John Wesley Shipp in his 1990 Flash gear was so wonderful to see. I really enjoyed that show, plus Earth 90, very clever.

Steve: I loved that touch. Having the original 1990 TV Flash being from Earth 90 was a classy and clever homage.

James: Oh, the opening, now I noticed DC characters lying on the ground and caught a few that I know. I didn’t get them all but Star Girl, Green Arrow , The Ray…

Erin: I noticed Firestorm, and was that Justin Hartley’s old Green Arrow costume from Smallville?

Steve: Yes! I spotted that one too… that was so cool! How amazing was the whole body swap between Barry and Oliver?

Erin: It was great to see how Oliver and Barry would handle each other’s traits. They are so opposite in personality and then have to almost impersonate each other to get out of situations and battles. There were some really funny moments there.

Steve: And some brilliant acting from both Grant and Stephen. They really were having so much fun, weren’t they?

Max: Lots of comedy from the life swap element. Stephen Amell got to show his funny side for once.

James: An interesting concept swapping Barry and Oliver around. Nice seeing Grant and Stephen play different personas who are complete contrasts of each other.

Erin: The Kent Farm scenes were my favorite, especially the part with Oliver puffing his chest out and admitting it to Barry. The homages to Smallville and the first crossover were awesome! Would love to see more of  Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane!!

James: I agree. Ollie puffing out his chest when he met Superman, and Barry calling him out on it was definitely one of the funniest moments. I enjoyed how Oliver and Barry fell in to their respective roles, taking on each others traits as the episode went on. Comedy was done very well and is was pleasing to see Amell showing a lighter side to his character. The Lois Lane introduction, wonderful to see her appear in the CW played by the lovely Elizabeth Tulloch.

Paul: Love the first episode, great fun. Loved the return of a certain soundtrack.

Max: The Smallville references were brilliant. It was so great to see the Kent farm once again… and that theme!! To see the team up at the end was fantastic. Great action.

Steve: God, yes! Hearing that theme music “Somebody Save Me” brought back so many memories.

James: Everything in Smallville was done really well paying homage to the TV show. Clark’s reveal as Superman to Cisco brought a tear to my eye.

Steve: Absolutely. The gleam in his eye. the smile… ripping his shirt open. Vintage Superman!

James: Superman, Supergirl, Flash and Green Arrow all teaming to take down Amazo was an amazing sequence, shot and edited to perfection.

Steve: Mate, if anyone had told me that we’d ever see that group of characters taking on Amazo in live action on T.V. even a couple of years ago, I would’ve called them crazy! That was nothing short of incredible!

James: The team up to battle Amazo was a joy to watch, it’s these moments all DC fans want to see.

Steve: Every single actor and every character was on point in this episode. So many great moments and performances.

James: Tyler Hoechlin  is a very good Clark Kent / Superman, he really brings through the character of both. This guy needs his own show, alongside our new and wonderful Lois Lane, Elizabeth Tulloch. Everyone else played their parts well, but Carlos Valdes was brilliant as Cisco, showing the suffering effects that his vibes are having on him, as well as showing The Monitor to the other guys. Now, I don’t know much about The Monitor apart from the fact that he is all powerful. LaMonica Garrett brings such menace to him, great to see him here as I am a fan from his performances on Designated Survivor.

Steve: Yeah, we want a new Superman and Lois show. Well overdue. I’ve never seen Designated survivor, but LaMonica Garrett was impressive as hell as The Monitor.

James: I really cannot wait to see the beautiful Ruby Rose in action. One thing I would say is, Elseworlds in my thoughts were stories like Gotham by Gaslight, Red Son, True Brit. Kind of different versions, different times, what if? type stories. This was, as Cisco pointed out, a little more “Freaky Friday.”

Steve: I totally get your point. This story is almost more “Crisis On Infinite Earths” than Elseworlds, but the title fits as the story is showing many more of the parallel worlds that exist as part of the DC Multiverse.

I’m sure that there may be an Earth out there where Barry Allen is the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen is The Flash.

In the Elseworlds comics we’ve already seen Clark’s ship crashing in Gotham instead of Smallville him being raised by the Waynes and becoming Batman. We’ve also had Bruce Wayne receiving the power ring that went to Hal Jordan on our Earth, giving us a completely different Green Lantern.

The possibilities are ENDLESS.

John: Absolutely. I’d love to see those stories happen n the show.

James: What about that ending? “We’re going to Gotham City” OMG I have been waiting to hear that for 7 years!

Steve: Gotham City! That skyline, Wayne Enterprises. BATWOMAN!

John: Yessssssssssssssss! That was frackin’ awesome. Roll on tomorrow for the next part of Elseworlds. Loved it, and not just for crossover and characters and story but for the ramifications that it  may have.

Paul: Absolutely loved it and can’t wait for tomorrow, seems all Superman… my guy’s turn!!!

Episode 2 – Arrow

Max: What an episode! That whole sequence in Arkham, amazing! Loved the Batman rogues gallery names on the cell doors. And the last one, M Guggenheim! Hahaha

Steve: I laughed out loud at that bit.

James: I didnt think it could get better than part 1, but they managed to elevate Elseworlds to an even higher level. Everything about the episode felt like the Gotham we know from comics, film and even the TV series.

EASTER EGGS!!! When they go to Arkham and we see all the names on the cell doors and it’s every Bat villain you can think of, plus Marc Guggenheim! Bane’s mask, Mr Freeze’s gun, scarecrow poison…

Erin: I have been waiting for Clayface to make a live-action appearance. He’s my favorite villain. So seeing his door is giving me hope.

Steve: Batwoman! I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think that Ruby Rose totally nailed it.

James: Ruby Rose was great as Kate Kane and as Batwoman, it’s just a shame she wasn’t in the episode more.

Erin: I continue to love the banter between Oliver and Barry, especially the conversation about Batman being an urban legend! Then Barry explaining to Supergirl about Oliver’s love life and the looks they gave each other at Wayne Tower when meeting Kate. Loved it!!!

I REALLY liked Ruby Rose as Kate/Batwoman. Hope to see her more.

Steve: The production moving to Chicago for the Gotham City scenes was inspired. A completely different feel to what we’re used to seeing in the Arrowverse shows.

Erin: It was cool of CW to go back to Chicago as Gotham. I’m a big Batman fan and the unveiling of the Bat Signal gets me every time. So that was my favorite scene in part 2.

James: “John you look different without your ring.” My mind is now well and truly blown!

Erin: G.L.!

Max: Yes! It’s suggesting that Diggle’s the John Stewart on that Earth, the Green Lantern from the animated Justice League show!

Steve: I remember when Arrow first started that I thought Dig would become Green Lantern. I even suggested that his full name was John Stewart Diggle. It was great seeing that, and as always David Ramsay was awesome. I love the way he still throws up every time Barry moves him at super speed.

Art by Boss Logic

John: As per the norm, Amell and, particularly Gustin stood out for me. The addition of the oh so beautiful Ruby Rose at Kate Kane/Batwoman was inspired casting. I do feel that we only saw a small part of what could have been for the character. That’s nothing on Ruby, a bit more the writers. After all the hype I was kinda hoping for more.

Steve: Me too. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Batwoman on screen for so long. Here’ hoping the pilot for her own show rocks, and the she gets a full series.

John: The ending was the moment of the episode. Reality changed again, black suit Superman… get in! Seeing John Barrowman back was a pleasure, honestly love that fella. What a trio of cops!

Steve: I know! Merlyn, Ravager and Diaz as policemen! If that’s not an epic Elseworlds twist, then I don’t know what is!

Erin: I look forward to seeing how they deal with Superman as a doppelganger and ruler of one Earth in the next episode.

John: Batwoman, Kate Kane, Malcolm Merlyn, 1990 Flash, so many Easter eggs I lost count, from Captain Boomerang, the Arkham inmates, Nora Fries etc…

Erin: Nora Fries!

Steve: Played by Stephen Amell’s wife!

John: Another super episode, a slower start but man, some of those fight scenes were brilliant weren’t they? Soon gathered pace, just brilliant. My wife was sat with me as I watched it and she will vouch for the times I let out a little squeal or a right good “YES!” as I watched it. Very much the child in me coming out.

Who or what is coming?

Max: I spent the whole episode nodding, smiling, recognising the names. Wonderful, wonderful T.V. Part 3 should be great. Yeah, who is the powerful being that’s coming? The Anti-Monitor? Darkseid? Nuclear Man?

Steve: Nuclear Man? NUCLEAR MAN?!?

Max: Yes, Steve… Nuclear Man. LOL.

James: It surely has to be the Anti-Monitor, as they seem to be playing out crisis on Infinite Earths. What I want to know is if they will do It and Kara/Supergirl will join Earth 1. I would actually LOVE that.

Steve: So say we all. Yeah the second chapter was brilliant, wasn’t it? BATWOMAN ROCKS!

I know people, who cannot stand the CW shows, who really got a kick out of the first two chapters of Elseworlds.

If you loved Smallville, hell… if YOU LOVE DC, you NEED to watch it.

It’s pure magic. Made me feel like a kid again.

Chapter 3 – Supergirl

John: Excellent yet again, but this time with Tyler Hoechlin standing out in his dual role. So good to see Supes v Supes (very Superman 3). It’s hard to keep talking about all the performances as they were all so great, but there has always been a standout.

Black suit Superman, Superman v Superman, Oliver giving The Monitor what for, Cisco the boss, in fact all the differences to character we saw. Easter eggs too.

Steve: This whole event knocked my socks off, and that news at the end… OMFG! FANGASM!

John: Crisis on its way. Love that we know this early the next crossover.

Erin: It’s amazing how they have been setting it up for years! But I hope with it doesn’t bring Arrow close to its series end.

Steve: I know. I just can’t help but worry about just what it is that Oliver sacrificed to save Barry and Kara. I don’t want any of the Arrowverse series to end.

Steve: I was a raw nerve when Barry and Kara were racing around the world… I honestly thought that they were goners!

Max: They should go total book faithful and kill them both next year.

Steve: Max!

John: Batwoman cameo was nice to see at the end, means she’ll be back again. Superman & Batwoman do need their own show, though. These CW shows are really popular, so it’s got to happen. However, I can only see that if they decide one is to go by the wayside. I’d rather not that, though.

Steve: That makes sense, but it would be really sad.

John: I do have a question though; who was the dude in the gold mask?

Steve: That’s the Psycho Pirate. His mask is causing a $#!+ load of trouble in the comics series Heroes In Crisis right now! John Deegan is also known as John Dee or Doctor Destiny. Some of the book’s power has stayed within him. Between the two of them, and who’s coming next year, our heroes are in some pretty deep doo-doo.

I cannot wait!

Max: Excellent. Salivating over what’s to come. Now attempting to explain the plot of Crisis on Infinite Earths to my fiancee in two minutes flat. Barry Allen and Supergirl both die in the book, so anything could happen. Psycho Pirate was a BIG part of it too.

I picked the Crisis graphic novel off the shelf now and showing her, it’s like being a teacher. LOL.

The comic has aged since it’s 80s release, but it’s still a great read. Seeing as it ends with the multiverse ending and everyone being on just one earth and continuity, then hopefully that’s what the CW have planned

John: A great episode, fine ending again. Gutted it’s over, though.

Erin: One little criticism – as this was Supergirl’s episode, I don’t think we saw enough from her, it was more a Superman show. Is that awful?

Steve: I totally see your point, but with big blue and Lois off to Argo city to have a baby I can live with it. We know for sure that she’s going to be the focus for a while now.

John: Yes! Jon will be around next year, albeit as a baby. It’s all been brilliant.

James: I felt it was a great end to the event. It still managed to keep its identity as a Supergirl episode, neither Flash nor Arrow managed that I don’t think. The main question though is what everyone says; what will Ollie sacrifice? I get the feeling he will be killed of in the next cross over and bring Arrow to an end.

We need more Batwoman.

Steve: I agree with you on that, for sure. I hope that the Crisis amalgamates the Earths,as having Supergirl and Superman on different Earths to Flash and Green Arrow needs to change.