There’s been a couple of weeks without a fanmade, but this week we are back with a bang.  Today is valentines day, so what better DC character to have fanmade based on than Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy, or by her real name Pamela Isley, was a botanist in the DC Comicbook world.  She uses plant pheromones and toxins to take over the mind of her foes and make them do exactly as she wishes, almost making them fall in love with her!

We have seen Poison Ivy on the screen a few times before, in Batman Forever and more recently in TV Show, Gotham.

The fan made video is just a trailer currently, but even so, if they can get the funding they need it could make for an awesome fanmade movie.  This trailer gives a great insight into what kind of movie these guys could make if given the ability to do so!  Checkout the video below and let us know what you think!

The gofundme page has been up for 6 months, and is yet to make much money, so it would be great to help these DC super fans reach their goal of making a Poison Ivy Origins movie!  You can donate by checking out this page here.  You can also hit them up on Twitter on their account @Pamela_Poison.  Make sure to give them all the backing of the DC Fan universe!