Football fever has hit the world as the World Cup teams have arrived in Russia ready for the start of the tournament tomorrow.  Everybody is really excited about it, and can’t wait to see their team lift the cup… apart from all of those of you of course that aren’t interested in football…in the slightest.

Well here DCWorld are to make this period of Football frenzy more bearable for you, with the DCWorld World Cup 2018!  Nationality doesn’t matter in our World Cup, but what does matter is who is your favourite?  Your favourite and least favourite heroes and villains from the DC World will be competing against each other for a spot in the DCWorld Hall of Fame.

That’s right, your favourite DC character will enter the Hall of Fame the same day as the winner of the World Cup is crowned!

How it works

To go with this announcement, we have also already drawn the groups at random, the only thing that was set was that there are 2 heroes and 2 villains per group.  1st and 2nd place from each group go through, and fixtures will be made from the same fixture structure as the FIFA World Cup!

The Groups

Group A

Green Arrow, Deathstroke, Supergirl, Scarecrow

Group B

Shazam, Joker, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Mr Freeze

Group C

Superman, Black Adam, Krona, Black Canary

Group D

The Flash, Penguin, Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing

Group E

Cyborg, Amanda Waller, Lex Luther, Wonder Woman

Group F

Nightwing, Sinestro, Batman, Bane

Group G

Bat Girl, Two Face, Ra’s Al Ghul, Martian Manhunter

Group H

John Constantine, Darkseid, Aquaman, Reverse Flash

Who has your vote to enter the Hall of Fame?  Get ready, the vote starts from tomorrow!