The Batman Non Spoiler Review.

Where to begin, not only do we have a new Batman and cast members but we also get an almost 3 hour long Batman movie, this was well deserved and here is my non spoiler Review why!
From the opening scenes, the score, and scenes we see, this sets the tone and grabs you by the collar and hard, to prepare for you a movie experience that no other movie has left me feeling like, in a way I’m still buzzing days after seeing it and the theme tune I can’t get out of my head, its insane what a powerful movie can do to you and one that’s made to perfection.
With a stellar cast and location settings which are beautifully crafted on screen and all work well together like this was all chemically engineered by scientists to make the perfect ingredients for one outstanding movie, and not just any movie The Batman Movie, and oh boy did it all work mixed together? Most definitely indeed.
“The best Batman Yet” I quoted and stand by this 100% 
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne & Batman is totally bad ass with Fantastic acting skills and action he amazed me playing this iconic DC Comics Hero which is one I think everyone was sceptical about, well let me tell you he delivers on point and for any actor to be honoured to play this character, Rob is The Batman! 
Zoe Kravitz is a super sexy, talented and mischievous Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman and the chemistry between her and Robert Pattinson is absolutely brilliant and crafted to perfection. Selina is someone not to mess with and get on the wrong side of and she will get what she wants one way on another.
Paul Dano as The Riddler is a totally different Riddler to what we have become used too, from the opening he had me on edge and in a way freaked me out, you’ll see, but in a fantastic way as this was so exciting and exhilarating to see a new version of this character on screen, and well needed and fits right into this version of Gotham City totally, a Lot darker than we have had before and let me tell you it was total perfection.
Colin Farrell plays The Penguin and an early version of him up and coming in the underground criminal underworld and is totally unrecognisable as the make up team has took everything and crafted a spot on character, he is a great character and talented actor and has some great lines! he is one person you don’t want to upset though, he will somehow get revenge.
Jeffery Wright’s Jim Gordon is fantastic and delightful and his partnership with the Batman is something we have not had before especially in this way and he is someone clearly on Batmans side, he’s more Batmans Detective partner than a cop and their chemistry is great, some fun moments between them too.
Andy Serkis plays Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Waynes Buttler and Andy is a superb Englishman and is spot on for this role. His voice is brilliant and he has been really carrying a lot on his shoulders for Bruce and his Batman identity and they don’t always see eye to eye but he does a lot to help The Batman unravel some Riddles.
I would rate this movie a full on 10 out of 10 and for many reasons.
Spot on casting, a stellar Soundtrack and Epic Theme that you won’t get out of your head for weeks, beautiful sets, a Total Triumph for Director Matt Reeves and really hope we get to see a lot more of this version in the near future, although this is a darker version of Batman there are a few comedic moments which tie in brilliantly.
See this on the largest screen you can.
Thank you all.
The Batman In cinemas from March 4th.
Directed by Matt Reeves.
Starring: Robert Pattinson, (Batman, Bruce Wayne) Zoe Kravitz )Selina Kyle, Catwoman)
Paul Dano (The Riddler)
Colin Farrell (Penguin)
Jeffery Wright (Jim Gordon)
Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth)
Thank you to Warner Bros UK for the amazing opportunities.