This weeks episode saw the Batwoman finally being born with Kate Kane donning a brand new Bat-Suit and introducing Gotham City to a “curvier, sexier” hero. The look of Batwoman is so far removed from the Kate Kane that we have seen in the last few episodes, with her bright red lipstick, red Bat emblem on her suit and a long red wig on her mask, she does look like a total badass! Kate is also starting to understand that taking on such responsibility is not going to be an easy task and its showing a good side of her character which we need to see more of.


But whilst Batwoman should of been the highlight of this episode, the standout for me for once wasn’t Alice (albeit she is still very good in the series). It was the time of Mary Hamilton to take the limelight with a breakout performance. As step-sister to Batwoman, Mary is a character that people can relate too and whilst the socialite in her may not be everyones cup of tea, its the other side of her personality which makes her very easy to warm too. And then there are all the comedic spots which she just shines in which are hilarious throughout this episode.

On the flip side to Mary’s fantastic character, I feel like I need to address her mothers character which is one of the weakest in the show. Three episodes in to the series and at this stage we know literally nothing about her other than the fact that she is married to Kate’s father and is the mother to Mary. Episode two seemed to suggest that she might have something to do with Beth’s disappearance but it wasn’t mentioned whatsoever this week and I think we need some more work on who she is.  

We were also introduced to another Villain in this episode which was encouraging to see, albeit not sure how much more we will be seeing of Tommy Elliot (played by Gabriel Mann) throughout the series. Elliot, a life long friend of Bruce Wayne has lived his life trying to out shine his old pal and is confident that Batman is back in Gotham. It isn’t long in to the episode that Kane becomes suspicious of Elliot and after being invited to one of his high profile shindigs sees the pair get come face to face on the rooftop of his newly purchased real estate.

Alice’s character continues to flourish in this setting and we got to dive deeper in to her personality this week, starting with a flashback during a nightmare she endured and following that up with a harrowing phone call to her father who we are all still not 100% sure is her father which makes this story even more intriguing. As a character Alice just continues to draw you in and get you emotionally invested for just the right amount of time before going off on her murderous dark side and I am here for all of that! 

With Batwoman being revealed, this episode was certainly saved after a not so hot start. I am definitely now invested in the character and looking forward to seeing what happens next with Kate and Alice. Next episode definitely needs to feature some more of Luke who only briefly appeared in this episode and I would like some more clarity on how Catherine fits in to series.