It may have taken five episodes to get there but we finally have some character focus in the latest episode of Batwoman and who better to focus the episode on than arguably the best character in the show, Alice. The majority of this weeks episode is a flashback to how Beth became Alice and in that regards it definitely delivered, although won’t go down as one of the best episodes of the show to date.  

Aside from the focus on Alice I was encouraged with the emergence of a new character in Mouse (played by Sam Littlefield). Mouse formed a big part of Alice’s younger years and was a huge part in Beth turning in to Alice and it is very likely that the show will look to exploit this as it continues. Alice calls Mouse her brother and is likely to use her ways to play him off against her legitimate sister Kate Kane as she looks to take over Gotham City.

Whilst I mainly enjoyed this episode I was disappointed in the lack of Batwoman! In a show named after the caped crusader, it was a let down to only see her in one scene. I appreciate the single focus on Alice in this episode but definitely feel that there was space to drop Batwoman in to the episode and that opportunity was definitely missed.

Elsewhere throughout the episode we saw what could be the start of a great relationship between Mary (who continues to be one of the best characters in the show) and Luke. Mary turns up to Wayne Towers in search of Kate and is met by Luke who to start with is less than impressed with the uninvited guest but you get a sense that there is some chemistry between the two and I am all in on that! They say opposites attract and these two couldn’t be further apart in that regards, so I will remain hopeful that we get to see that relationship blossom throughout the series.

I haven’t really touched on the narrating in any of my previous reviews as I haven’t really been effected by it but I must confess to getting slightly frustrated with it this week. I just felt that there was too much of it in this episode and it certainly affected my enjoyment of the episode. Having looked back on previous episodes I don’t even think there was an abundance of it this week in comparison, just wanted to point it out though as it hasn’t previously made my reviews.

Overall I enjoyed the sole focus on character this week, probably swayed because I am such a fan of the portrayal of Alice in this series so far! However I am hoping that this focus isn’t duplicated too much as I am not sure whether this direction would work well for many of the other characters on the show. I am also intrigued to see how Alice will manipulate Mouse in the coming weeks and think that he will be a vital part of the storyline over the coming weeks. Not too much action this week but for a character focused episode I didn’t see too much to complain about.