As it is becoming common during this season, any episode which is largely focused on Alice always seems to be a good one and this week was no different in that respect. Between the death of a main character and a break-up, we were provided with an emotional rollercoaster of an episode which left us with plenty of questions to be answered in future episodes. 

Alice made a huge impact this week and her evil actions were very much the focus of the episode as she looked to rip apart her father and Kate’s family unit they had built. Using Mouse’s power of impersonation, the dangerous duo were able to infiltrate The Crows and cause a rift in the family unit which is going to take some work to fix.

This week we also got to see Mary in a different light in what was a superb emotional performance from Nicole Kane. Being so used to seeing Mary upbeat and cracking jokes and bringing a great vibe to the show, this week we saw her dealing with her mother passing away in her arms. The character work she delivered was great and it was very good to see that side of the character. But I must admit I much prefer the upbeat Mary and hope she returns very soon! 

My main gripe with the episode was the Title of it and the reference which was made last week to Alice hosting a “Tea-Party that nobody would want to miss.” I really think that they dropped the ball on this and could of definitely had Alice host a Tea-Party with her enemies all sat around a table against their will. The only reference to the Tea-Party was a few tea cups but aside from that there was nothing which was really disappointing. 

The only other downside to this episode was really the lack of action. I appreciate that the wider story was being told throughout but there was certainly scope to include more fight scenes as we have seen in previous episodes. We also didn’t get a visit from a weekly villain which has now been missed for a few weeks and is very much something I have enjoyed in the season.

An average to good show if I were rating it in comparison to previous weeks which have been pretty solid but I am glad that we are back in the swing of things after a week break. The developments this week have certainly turned up the heat in Gotham and its going to be interesting to see how Kate and her father join forces to take down Alice as the episodes unfold. But whilst that is very much going to be the main focus, I hope that they can continue some of the side storylines that have been progressing and not just focus too much time on Alice and Kate.