Staring: Ruby Rose, Camrus Johnson, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole King, Dougray Scott

So firstly I want to issue an apology to the DC World fan base for failing to keep on track of these reviews. However, given the change in environment I have now had the chance to play catch up on the series which is definitely getting better as the weeks go on. With Episode 8 being the last full review, this will be a bullet point recap of Episodes 9-14 with a full review of Episode 15 & 16 dropping on the site this week. 

I definitely feel as though the season has found its grove and is focusing on great story telling as well as continuing to play out ad-hoc villains across its episodes. Both Alice and Mary continue to go from strength to strength in their performances and whilst I may have been critical of Kate in past reviews am definitely warming to her character.

I will let you read the recaps at your pleasure but would definitely encourage you to watch Episodes 11 & 12 which are in my opinion the strongest episodes of the series so far and a great indication as to just how good this series can be.

Episode 9

  • This episode was the Crisis of Infinite Earth Part Two and so featured a whole host of familiar DC faces
  • The premise of the episode was that the heroes had to find the the Paragons (seven special people who could save the multiverse)
  • There was a whole lot going on in this episode and so I will leave you to watch if you want the nitty-gritty details

Episode 10

  • Tension rises between Batwoman and Mary, with Mary trying to come to terms of loosing her mother
  • A hacker threatens to take down Gotham, hacking public transport before giving away the Presidents credit cards details online. The hacker is later revealed as as a school girl who was purely doing it to raise funds in an attempt to move away from her parents who resented her for coming out as gay. A revelation that she shares with Batwoman
  • Alice reveals that she has planted a bomb at a high school which Batwoman with the help of the hacker manage to get evacuated saving everyone from harm
  • Batwoman reveals her sexuality on a media publication 
  • The episode ends when Beth turns up at Wayne Towers much to the surprise of Kate 

Episode 11

  • Whilst Kate comes to terms with the fact that she is now living in a world in which Beth and Alice both exist, Mouse kidnaps the commissioners son in a bid to get released Alice in exchange 
  • The episode spends a lot of time flicking back to the past and does an incredible job showing a young Beth and Johnny become Alice and Mouse
  • It is unveiled that Beth has crossed Universes which is why she is able to exist alongside Alice and Beth tricks Mouse to save Batwoman 

Episode 12

  • The hunt for Alice continues with “Shoot To Kill” instructions sent out by the Crows
  • Beth and Alice suffer the same headaches as they release that they cannot co-exist and that their cells are deteriorating and the pair finally meet face to face
  • Mary has been trying to convince a plastic surgeon that her father was cloned by Mouse and he agreed that if he was able to meet Mouse he could issue a statement to get her father released from jail. However, upon meeting Mouse, Dr Campbell reveals himself as Johnny’s father and sets out to find Alice
  • Alice recalls injecting Mary with a cross Universe antidote which stopped her from dying after she had poisoned both Mary and her mother. With that in mind Alice extracts blood from Mary but Kate is able to stop her from injecting herself with it. With time running out, Kate makes her intention clear that she is saving Beth who is escaping Gotham with Luke. With minutes to go though, Johnny’s dad shoots Beth which keeps Alice alive

Episode 13

  • A new killer is haunting Gotham, a Vampire character who goes by the name of Nocturna
  • Kates Dad is released from prison and immediately suspends Sophie for working with Batwoman
  • After Nocturna attacks Batwoman, Alice and Mary, Batwoman finally is able to overpower her and hand her in to the Crows 
  • The episode finishes with Batwoman and Sophie sharing a kiss 

Episode 14

  • As Kate reveals to Luke and Sophie reveals to Alice that Sophie and Batwoman shared a kiss, Luke urges that Kate break things off with Sophie as having a relationship with Batwoman will put a target on her back
  • Having saved Jacob’s life in prison, Reggie Harris’ lawyer approaches Jacob to help get his client released from prison which would have implications on the circumstances around Lucius’ death 
  • We are introduced to Duela Dent who in a flashback at the beginning of the episode takes a shard of glass to her own face. Later in the episode she starts to attack social media influencers and it is later revealed that her victims are all connected to Dr Campbell
  • After Batwoman and Sophie save the last victim from Duela, Alice steals her face in an attempt to kidnap Dr Campbell