Episode sixteen was undoubtably the most action packed episode of the season so far but I feel as though they jammed too much action in to one episode. There was just so much going on and whilst it kept you gripped to the episode from the start to the very end, I feel as though it was too much for one show. For example we got the return of Julia Pennyworth in this episode but given how much other stuff was going on it really felt as though her return was overshadowed and could certainly have been built better. 

That said it was a very entertaining episode and bought to the forefront a number of storylines which have been bubbling away. The main one being that Lucius Fox’s killer is still at large. With Reggie Harris released from jail, Luke took to confronting his “fathers killer” only to hear from Harris that he can’t remember a thing from that night other than waking up covered in Lucius’s blood with a gun in his hand. Moments after his confession, he gets assassinated  in front of Luke. Another witness of the murder of Lucius, the owner of the store where he was killed is also assassinated and this leaves open the question as to who killed Lucius Fox? 

After trying to overcome the emotions of killing August Cartwright in last weeks episode, Kate comes to the agreement that she will help Alice find Mouse. This is definitely the Tag Team that I never knew I needed in my life until this week! These two women together are total badasses and one of the best female superhero duos in my eyes! Kates raw power added with Alice’s malicious intent is a match made in heaven. But sadly we won’t see it anytime soon as just after they get to break Mouse out of capture, Kate hits Alice with the classic double-cross which leads to her also getting locked up. 

Whilst there wasn’t much Sophie in this episode, the small amount of her we did get was as always very good value. She appeared at the side of Luke during court and also promised him that she would do everything she could to help track down his fathers killer. I am really looking forward to seeing how she and Luke’s relationship continue to blossom and it can’t be long before they take it to the next level. We all need a Sophie and Luke love angle in our lives! 

I’m hoping I didn’t miss anything in this review but like I said at the start there was so much going on that if I did then I’m sorry! Really looking forward to the show picking up again next week and following on the storyline of who killed Lucius. Also looking forward to finding out who is Alice’s friend from Coryana who killed her Wonderland gang in this weeks episode (nearly forgot that!).