This weeks episode was another good step in the right direction for the series and it feels as though they have firmly hit their stride in terms of pushing out key storylines. Perhaps none more important than finally revealing who killed Lucius Fox. Its been the question that everyone wanted answering for such a long time and this week we finally got the payoff to that story.

With so much emphasis on the story of who killed Lucius Fox, this episode really was the opportunity for Camrus Johnson (who plays Luke Fox, Lucius’s son) to stand out and I can firmly say he knocked it out of the park this week. His performance was spot on and he showed so much emotion when the time come for him to finally confront his fathers killer. Luke is often a background character, giving Batwoman her instructions but he definitely shone in this episode and showed just how important he is to the show. 

I am enjoying seeing how Kate is going to come to terms with the fact that she murdered August Cartwright as it has shown in the last two weeks that it truly has haunted her. It also led to her confiding in Luke and sharing the fact that she committed the crime. Ultimately this should make their relationship stronger as there isn’t anything that she can’t share with him now after revealing her darkest secret.

I am a big fan of episodic villains and this week was a great show for that. The Detonator was a classic villain that had shades of Bane and I think they got things very right with his inclusion. Whilst his capture was a big disappointing, I really enjoyed this part of the show.

We didn’t get much Alice in this episode which is always a downside but given the focus was on the Lucius storyline then I feel as though they done just as good a job as they could. With her impending escape from the Asylum now in full motion it is likely that next week will see a full return to the show and I cannot wait to see how she works back to confronting Kate for betraying her in last weeks episode.

Overall a very solid episode of the season and I feel as though we are now seeing just how good this show is. With a number of stories still bubbling away there is plenty of stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks and I can’t wait!