As much as I have enjoyed Batwoman series one, I have to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the finale episode this week. Cliffhanger aside, I felt that it lacked a huge amount of action which has been quite prominent in recent episodes. But whilst it may not have been my favourite episode of the series, it was still a solid enough episode and had a few unexpected twists and turns. 

One of the most shocking was Alice turning on Mouse and poisoning him. Now don’t get me wrong, I think we all knew that the time would eventually come in which this played out but maybe not so soon. The act proved that not even her closest confidante is ever safe in her company. Mouse was a huge part of the series and will certainly be missed but much like Alice has proved so far, she is quick to get over things and move on to her newest experiment which we will touch on in a moment! 

Elsewhere in the episode we saw Jacob Kane double-cross Batwoman as the pair had seemingly agreed to ditch their “war” and join forces to finally capture Titan who had been wrecking havoc in Gotham. The betrayal really affected Kate which we saw later in the episode. It also gave us a glimpse of just how dangerous Jacob and the Crows can be. Jacob made a conscious effort to not include Sophie and Julia in the attack on Batwoman which could also start to show us some cracks within the Crows and I am looking forward to seeing that develop in series two.

Titan made a good villain this week and certainly proved to be a handful for Batwoman alone, leading to her joining forces with her Dad. Something which the series has done very well is bring in a weekly villain and they have all been very different which has clearly been a concious effort and help to highlight the many strengths of Batwoman. 

The cliffhanger focused on what is next for Alice and Hush which is definitely a powerful team to take things in to series two. Hush, donning the face of Bruce Wayne is certainly going to be a pivotal part of the plan for Alice to finally get her hands back on Kate and the admission that Kate is keeping one piece of Krypotnite certainly makes things even more interesting.

All in all they have thrown a hell of a lot at us in the first twenty episodes of Batwoman and I would largely say it has been a very successful series. We have seen a number of strong characters bought to the forefront of the show and episodic story telling has helped us connect with those characters. Luke, Mary, Sophie, Alice, Jacob and Kate have all stepped up to the mark to deliver a rollercoaster series and one which I am certainly looking forward to watching play out in 2021.