As we head into episode number five we are introduced to a new title, The Book of Blood, Chapter one Requiem. This is a brilliant title as it is a great representation of a very big character in this episode. Requiem is a mass for the dead. But who could this be about?

The episode starts with a familiar song, the amazing Frank Sinatra, My way. We see Gambi travelling across town in his car making a stop to buy some fruit from a stall. As he comes to a stop at the traffic lights, we see in his rear view mirror, the passenger with a rifle pointing directly at him. As Gambi flees and tries to escape he is eventually run off the road and his car bursts into flames. At this point we haven’t seen him leave the car and the song now starts to feel like a farewell.

Henderson delivers the sad news that Gambi has passed away to Jefferson and Anissa in their home. Henderson comforts Anissa who is clearly in shock but Jefferson denies to take this in and remains adamant that Gambi is alive. What’s shocking is that Henderson reveals that the people responsible for his ‘murder’ are government officials; a scandal is well underway and very deep within the justice system. Anissa has to deliver this news to Jennifer who is also deeply saddened and shocked to learn that Uncle Gambi has died. The sisters console each other and we see how this family is brought together once again.

Shortly after, Khalil visits Jennifer at her window, deep concern covers his face, Jennifer states that he needs to leave in case her parents spot him. Khalil just tells Jennifer that he’s heard about Gambi and just wants to say that he’s there for her. For a brief moment there is a pause and they both glance at each other, a touching moment almost fairy-tale like in the madness that they are surrounded in. After he disappears Jennifer is moved by his concern and I think it would be great to see their relationship go to the next step, however there’s just one thing that’s stopping that Tobias whale.

Having been used and abused by Tobias, Khali is classed as his wingman not appreciated but needed. This is represented in the next scene as we see Tobias in his safe house with the dining table dressed with caviar and champagne, a sophisticated dinner for such a heartless individual. Tobias reminisces about Syonide’s death and how he has been left lost without her. He tells Khalil that he has to step up and become her shadow as it won’t support somebody that is weak. Khalil answers yes understanding what is at stake.  Tobias continues to assert his power over Khalil, if only he could realise who is behind the town’s mayhem, perhaps he and Jennifer any have a chance and he would fight and protect the right side of the law, something that black lighting adheres too.

We cut to the ASA, Lynn appeared to have a vaccine for the pod kids, however there’s a catch; it only has a 50% success rate. Jace then shows Lynn that she has found how to improve the original vaccine to make sure that no children die during the process. Lynn is positive and excited with these results. As they put the plan into action, the first child reacts and instantly dies. However, it soon becomes clear that something is wrong and a pattern starts to emerge with several deaths. Jace reveals the truth that probably half of the children will die but the other half will survive. Lynn is furious and in shock with what is happening and she tries frantically to stop the vaccine entering the pods but it’s too late.

We see Jefferson visit Gambi tailoring shop, flower and cards have already started to appear outside the front door and Jefferson takes a short moment  to glance as them as he walks in. He looks at the pocket watch that Lynn has given to Jefferson earlier as keepsake in Gambi’s memory. Jefferson was furious that she had done this as he doesn’t believe he has died and was adamant he return it straight away However when he ops the watch and sees a photo of himself and Gambi years ago, he breaks down showing his vulnerability.  Anissa witnesses this and comforts him and she reminisces a happy moment of Gambi, Jefferson finds comfort hearing this. As Anissa drives home on an empty long winding road, a sheriff sounds his siren asking her to pull over. When she pulls over, it seems that something is very wrong, she notices something crawling under his skin by his neck, but he is not shocked and doesn’t seem to realise, Anissa drives off immediately and the episode cuts.

The requiem I feel is to represent several characters in this episode, we see Jefferson mourning the loss of a father figure and Tobias whales feels loss of power and companionship. Both characters feeling and looking vulnerable for the first time so far.