One of the many wonderful things about being in a fandom, especially the Gotham one you get to meet unique individuals. I have been fortunate to interact with fans from around the globe through social media and then finally meeting up at conventions. I would like to introduce you to Tyler Cox 19, who like myself lives in Plymouth Uk, I have been constantly impressed by Tyler’s Cosplay and his natural enthusiasm for the television series Gotham.

Why did I decide to interview Tyler? I could of gone to my local comic shop and discuss the DC Universe with the owners, but I wanted to give an opportunity to a person who has recently discovered a passion for dressing up as some of his favourite characters.

What inspired you to start doing Cosplay?

It was because of the Walking Dead television series. I joined a Facebook page called Cosplaying dead, there was a really good cosplay of Glen and I thought I would like to try this. So my first Cosplay was hippy Sam, played by Robin Lord Taylor in season 4 and one episode in season 5. Walker Stalker convention was my first that I cosplayed at.

Who is your favourite character to Cosplay?

*answers with no hesitation * The Penguin.

Why is the Penguin from Gotham your favourite ?

Well I think he’s a really good character and everyone seems to like him when I do Cosplay him. Because I have done really small characters in the past, no one really knows who you are, but with Penguin I get people wanting to have their photograph taken with me at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest London which is so weird but very exciting to see everyone’s reactions.

When you Cosplayed Hippy Sam did any recognise you were that character?

No, no one did except for the people I told. They were like ah yes. Even the actress who plays Carol who I had my photograph taken with didn’t recognise my Cosplay,*laughs* it didn’t matter though Melissa McBride was still amazing to meet.

Which of your Cosplays has been the easiest to put together?

Probably the twelfth doctor which I currently cosplayed at LFCC. I already had the white shirt and jacket which i used from The Penguin. My shoes and my waistcoat are from work. The Sonic screwdriver was easy to find, a very quick Cosplay to put together.

What was the hardest Cosplay to put together?

There Is a jumper that Oswald Cobblepot wears in season 3. That was very hard to find, but you helped me find that one. I saw someone else wearing one at the convention over the weekend, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to speak to the person and have my photo taken with them. Penguins jumper is also the most expensive, but I also really like the jumper.

There was a lot more Cosplay LFCC, very random and a lot of DC, especially Batman.

Do you attend conventions to specifically do Cosplay?

I do, but I like to meet guests as well. At LFCC there was only Emily Kinney and Steven Yeun from the Walking Dead. Sunday I decided to cosplay The Penguin with my friends who were also doing characters from Gotham. We had The Riddler there in a great costume, which was exciting. The group of people I was with on the Sunday, I met at Heroes and Villains back in May, we all became friends really quickly. I wish we all lived a bit closer so we can meet up on a regular basis.

What Positive reactions have you received?

It has all been positive, there has been no negatives that I know of. It has all been good with people I have met and had my photograph taken with, saying that I look like the Penguin which I thank them for. Robin Lord Taylor has been the best about it. I would never of thought he would of recognised me the first time we met in Blackpool. It was the Friday night at the round table meet and greet, Robin came up to me and said you must be Tyler I was so shocked. He really is the best, I have had lots of great feedback and support. Also Jordon Woods-Robinson who plays Eric in The Walking Dead retweets and responses which is also encouraging. I have not met Jordan yet, hopefully he will come to Walker Stalker next year.

What Future character Cosplays would you like to do?

I would like to do a character that Robin played in the film Doll in the Dark, Dukken. Also Julian from the film Would you Rather. It would be good to have different photographs with Robin, hopefully he will attend Heroes and Villains next year. Finding the right colour suit especially for the character of Julian should be easy. Future cosplay for The Penguin will depend on how his style changes for season 4 of Gotham. I recently changed the white shirt to a black one because I noticed that’s what he was wearing towards the end of season 3. Adding Penguins cane, with the Penguin head that is removable, I am also hoping he will have a weaponised umbrella soon Oswald needs that.

Are you a fan of the DC Universe?

I am definitely a fan of DC, much more then Marvel. The first comic book film I saw was The Dark Knight Rises, and I have been a fan ever since. I really like the characters a lot more, the DC Universe has better villains and I prefer the darker grittier stories.

Have you seen all the Batman films?

I have now seen the earlier Batman films with Michael Keaton. Christian Bale was good, actually was my favourite then I watched the Michael Keaton in the two films he did, he then became my favourite. I also think Val Kilmer did a good job. Really looking forward to watching the Justice League when it gets released in November, Cyborg looks like a really cool interesting character.

Would you like to be a professional Cosplayer?

It would be cool for sure but it would be strange at the same time. Going to a convention as a guest would be amazing but I would not want to charge people for photographs and autographs.

Has anyone approached you for advice on Cosplay?

Not yet.

I am sure they will!

If people want to get into cosplay then they should just go for it, no matter what gender you are you can dress up as anyone you want to be. I could decide to cosplay Wonder Woman if I wanted to, it doesn’t matter. In the cosplay community everyone is equal. For advice in where you can get Cosplay outfits from there is a website call Cosplay Sky, they do lots of good costumes. My friend purchased SuperGirl, another friend got The Flash. It’s all made to order really excellent quality. My Arkham Asylum outfit came with a top to go underneath which I originally thought it was to protect my skin, then I realised the character Jerome from season 2 of Gotham wore his Arkham suit undone at the top. Amazon and EBay also do a great range of jackets and ties without costing you a lot of money.

What Villain would you be in the DC World?

That’s an easy one I would definitely would want to be The Penguin.

What Hero would you be in the DC World?

I would choose Batman, but I really like The Flash too. The musical episode they recently did in the series of The Flash was very good. Grant Gustin has an excellent singing voice.

I would like to thank Tyler for his time it was great fun. All of us at DCWorld wish you lots of success with your Cosplays in the future.