Here at DCWorld we get excited about all things DC, as you would expect.  The DCTV universe, otherwise known as the Arrowverse, is something that we all know and love as DC fans.

Something I have longed for since the Arrowverse began was an Arrow computer game.   One fan has gone a step further by creating a game based on the whole of the DC TV universe, and it looks awesome!

Yesterday, i stumbled across this very cool idea, an Arrowverse game made entirely by a fan community.

Youtube user Tecosaurus has been creating the game, with help of some other very cool people which is already looking awesome.

It seems that there will be a story to play through, but currently the game is open to suggestions and has a few areas that it needs input on including : voice acting, storywriting, Photoshop, Animating and more.

If you are able to help with any of this, it would be very cool for you to get involved while you can and be a part of something awesome!

You can get involved by joining the Discord channel.  Keep an eye on our website and on Tecosaurus’ youtube channel for more information.  We’ll be definitely keeping you up to date with all of the news on this fantastic piece of fan work!