So when our great friends over at Insight Editions publishing asked if we would like a copy of an upcoming book titled DC Anatomy of a Metahuman to review, I thought for around two seconds and replied Yes please and it arrived last week.

Here is our review of this amazing book and one I highly recommend to any comic book fan to order immediately as it is packed full of beautiful art by illustrator Ming Doyle and is written very well by    S.D. Perry & Matthew K. Manning.

DC Anatomy of a Metahuman is exactly what it says on the tin. From Superman to Aquaman and Doomsday to Darkseid it will teach you so so much about the superheroes and villains we all love and think we know but more so it will teach you how all of their powers work and what they are made up.

Now the cover alone to start with is incredible (Above image) and from opening the first page I was hooked. A great index of characters and a pre log from Bruce Wayne himself on toying with adaptation to his own body with the help of Lucius Fox and the book is laid out as if he has this information gathered about all Metahumans.

The first chapter is such a great chapter for myself being a Superman fan, on the Man of Steel, Kal-El, and I tell you something I have learnt lots about how his powers work and loads I never knew about him before I read this chapter and thank the people behind this for teaching me new things.


As you can see the image above and below of the Superman section it is a very detailed and it  amazed me straight away, the layout and the wording really does this book justice and the writers and illustrator should be very proud of this achievement, this goes throughout the whole book in each characters chapter, I won’t spoil how many or all the characters and will leave it a surprise for those who order a copy.



Next up is Cyborg chapter and how he operates and works and below this Swamp thing. I am still working through this great book and with over 150 pages you will not put this down quickly I can assure you but each day I’m getting through more and more of the DC characters we all love and thought we knew, until now.



Every day is a school day as I read a new chapter, I’m actually 39 and learning so so much on the characters. Wow wait until you start getting into the Villains, if these existed in our world today we would all have something to worry about!


I want to thank Insight Editions for sending DC World this amazing book to review and also the writers S.D. Perry and Matthew K. manning for the incredible work and research they have put into such a great book and also Ming Doyle for his beautiful Artwork which shows throughout the entire book.


DC Anatomy of a Metahuman is available to pre order now on various websites including Amazon and is set for release around September 18th.