If you are looking for a comic shop then this is the in place to go.

The comic Shop in Crawley is not your usual comic book store but something even more unique. 

Owners Chris and Howard thought up the idea of one day owning a comic store and also a coffee shop so took the jump and created and merged something beautiful and unique for all comic book fans and nerds and show everyone that’s it’s cool to be geek!

With its own coffee shop area, sofas and seating areas plus comics, toys, merchandise and lot lots more in a semi themed store, oh and may I mention the cool gaming room too!!

When you enter there is even life size Hulk as soon as you walk in, it’s definitely an eye opener and is a massive talking point and selfie opportunity.

A cool news stand is built as the front of store checkout area and is surrounded by the latest comics and goodies.

The coffee is lovely I had a cheeky vanilla latte which was spot on to more expensive chains and they even make some special milkshakes like no other including a Hulk Smash!! 

This is the only place I know where you can get a comic, have a coffee, sandwich or snack and read it in one place and I would love to own something like this in my own area.

On the weekend we went along they had arranged a fundraising day with charity Autism Allstars who were an amazing group of people to meet and even had some incredible cosplay costumes they had clearly spent weeks and month creating.

We chatted to Helen who is really nice and runs the charity to tell us about what it involves and supports plus this was their second time at the store.

We had a few pictures in and outside and they set off walking around the town raising money for the charity, even a load of police vans stopped to take photos of them, which I thought was an amazing gesture and for them too to be recognised. Thor, Iron Man, Storm Troopers and Darth Vader were all there as were Dr Who and lots more characters too.

Not only that it was a very Hot day too and bravo to them all for wearing the costumes they had in tremendous heat, super dedicated!

We also chatted to Chris and Howard who told us that the store has only been open for about 5 months and they are still playing around with ideas of more things to do inside the store and they love putting on events that bring people and communities together and I assured them that DC World will be supporting all they do and offer and will return again very soon for more fun and even may have to have a superhero milkshake too!

Thank you Chris and Howard for a brilliant day and really look forward to getting back down soon, also Helen and the Autism Allstars we wish you the very best of luck in your fundraising and awareness of Autism and hope to meet again.

Store address is:

The Comic Shop 42 High Street Crawley RH10 1BW

Phone: 01293 532846

Twitter https://twitter.com/thecomicshop_UK

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thecomicshopcrawley/

Autism Allstars: Website http://www.autism-all-stars.org

Twitter https://twitter.com/AutismAllStars

Instagram https://www.inst4gram.com/u/autismallstars