DC World found out that a Superman watch was coming we had to take off on this and share the amazing news with you all. Undone Have revealed this SUPER looking Superman watch called The Kryptonian Decryptor watch and is so much more than a standard watch and features some cool features too especially if you are a Superman Fan!

So wether you are Clark Kent or Superman you can be sure to always be on time like the ultimate Superhero!

See Full press release below and link to Pre Order Now and Shipping in July 2020.

UNDONE SUPERMAN: The Kryptonian Decryptor


HONG KONG, April 20th – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman’s Kryptonian Decryptor…with a twist of the bezel one can easily compose and decode secret messages written in Kryptonian. Whether you’re out reporting about the end of the world…or busy saving it.

Use this wearable device to decipher Superman’s messages with his home planet Krypton. From 1940 to 1961, you were able to join the Superman of America club, by sending in your name, address, and 10 cents. You would receive a membership certificate, a button, and the Superman Secret Code. With this you were able to decode Superman’s secret messages that appeared alongside these ads. This is an updated version based on the prized 1943 original “Secret Superman Code.” The UNDONE decryptor is one of a kind collector’s piece that integrates the novelty of Kryptonian decoding with the telling of time.



Do you remember playing with those plastic watches, your imagination running wild, and wishing it would come to life? UNDONE has you covered, with a Kryptonian inscribed glass bezel that doubles as a functioning decryptor. Simply twist the bezel to your desired substitution settings and start encrypting your messages! Making this piece part diver’s watch, part alien communicator and 100% out of this universe.


The sandblasted and PVD coated Gunmetal Case, the matte black tactical rubber strap along with the overall muted colourway converge to give this other-worldly piece its sinister “Kryptonian Battle Armor” look, as seen on General Zod and his “fellow insurgents” in Superman: Man of Steel. A nod to the extra-terrestrial origins of Superman: Kryptonian spelt in both English and Kryptonian reside on the “meteorite textured” dial.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Superman’s iconic hero colours. The subtle hints can be found in the thin blue chapter ring and the red of the cerakoted crown, the seconds hand, as well as the bezel and dial highlight.

UNDONE x SUPERMAN: The Kryptonian Decryptor pays homage to the 2017 Superman Comic Logo, in the form of a metallic applique. We ‘hope’ for this to be a perfect addition to your collection.


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The “Kryptonian Decryptor” is housed in sandblasted and PVD coated, 316L gunmetal Case, with a sleeker and meaner bezel. The case measures at 42.5mm in diameter and 52mm lug- to-lug. Height comes in at 16.5mm from the case back to the top of the sapphire crystal lens. Powering this collector’s piece is the trust SII NH35A; with a 42-hour power reserve and accurate to +/- 15 secs p/day.

You can pre order your very own Superman The Decryptor watch at  

Release date is by end of July 2020.