So it’s Saturday morning on June 19th and I found out where they were filming new scenes and reshoots  for the Justice league movie here in the UK.

I shall not name the location as for respect to Warner Brothers but if you work it out from the images, good luck!

So I set off at early o’clock and had a little map of the area which I studied previously.
On my arrival at the two massive airbase hangers, immediately there was a security gate at the front entrance to which I politely stopped and spoke to the security guard in the hut.
He would neither confirm or deny which movies were being filmed at the hangers but apparently in one hangar is the dumbo movie and then in the other is the justice league, which was confirmed a few days ago by other pictures by somebody online of the gargoyles, the exact same ones which Batman stands on in the trailer.
So I went for a short drive around the airfield and found a location to leave my car then went on a little walk down some country lanes which were very lovely but it was also very bloody hot today, wearing jeans was a silly mistake.
Immediately you could see movie props outside the back end of the huge Hangars which many had been covered up by green and black covers and also there were American cars, green screen props, A green screen trailer a great big bus next to it and what was even more intriguing was the great big ramp to being built today for some sort of jump over the vehicles it looked like.
To me this looks like some sort of scene that they are going to use the Batmobile to jump over or whatever they plan to do and have I the exclusive pics to show you the idea.
Looks like it involves some sort of train or bus before hitting the ramp.
Then as your look further along to the rear of the hangars there were literally massive amounts of film crew vehicles and temporary buildings I am Sure this is where all the stars change and live and production members which will stay there for the next few weeks.
Already confirmed to be in UK is Jason Momoa playing Aquaman Who was spotted in London Friday evening at a bar in Shoreditch by a fellow Twitter fan who was there and also Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman who was spotted yesterday in the filming area also Ray Fisher cyborg and Ezra Miller the Flash, somebody even said Ben Affleck was on the set, playing Batman, all to be confirmed. Henry Cavill, Superman however is in Australia filming Mission Impossible six and he has possibly already shot the scenes he was needed for already during his busy schedule.
There was one picture in particular from one of the hangars yesterday by Roger Skillin (who has had many great shots this week from the location) His pictures showed the huge doors open and a massive set, wooden frames and green screens but in the centre looks like the hall of Justice, could this be a scene for the movies end where we get to see the league together??
Some are saying it’s the Dumbo set but I guess we shall have to wait and see.
Of course with no official announcements this could all be speculation and all even wrong.
So please have a look through my pics, they don’t reveal too much but would but wanted to share, I would love to see what sets are inside the hangars and if production kicks off very actively soon and more outside the hangars happens then I may go back up there until then keep an eye here at the DC World.
Thank you all
by Paul Edwards