Today we have amazing news and from director Patty Jenkins herself. Wonder Woman 2 currently titled Wonder Woman 84 has started filming and already we have some images from on the set. More interesting is the picture Patty shared on social media welcoming back Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. What does this mean and how is he back in 1984 and is it him or a relative many years since the first movie. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Also Gal Gadot shared a new image of her in the new slightly brighter updated costume too on her socials….updated 16-06-18



Also Wonder Woman, Gal Gabot also shared this picture too in front of some colour tv screens. Maybe another clue into the movie and some comic book fans have speculated some theories already!


Also below is the logo all over social media’s for the current title for the movie and is expected to release in November 2019.



Some set images fans took…