It’s hard to believe it was forty years ago superheroes started to appear on the big screen. And it started with the same superhero that started the comic book empire: Superman. I was fortunate to see Superman: the Movie in Beverly Hills, California on October 9th. Having the ability to get completely immersed with the actors and the spectacle of  the story along with other fans was a treat. It also brought back the memory of seeing it for the first time with my older sister who introduced me to the Man of Steel and other DC Comic characters.

After the screening of the movie, fans were fortunate to have a question and answer session with Jack O’Halloran who played the character Non in both Superman I and II. Asking questions based on the cast, his personal experiences, as well as sharing a project he is currently working on with Warner Brothers.

“Superman was such a brilliant idea,” he said in one of his responses. “The whole cast just clicked.” He also expressed his love for the cast, especially Christopher Reeve who was not a well-known actor at the time. “There will be no other Superman than Christopher.”

And fans may just get another chance to see Christopher Reeve as Superman on the big screen. The project Mr. O’Halloran is currently working on with Warner Brothers is to bring the beloved actor, in hologram form, back as the Man of Steel for the next Superman movie. “We have a plan in motion to try to bring Christopher back through hologram technology.” He also added later in the night, “We’ve got something really super up our sleeve with the storyline. You’re going to really, really love it.” With just this tease, I look forward to seeing what Superman is doing next. Hopefully fans, including myself, don’t have to wait too long.

Check out the videos of the question and answer session.