Black lighting continues with another strong episode, ‘translucent freak.’  It starts with a shocking scene where Jennifer walks down the stairs in a beautiful dress, for the school dance. At this point, we are reminded how young Jennifer is and how coming to terms with everything around her and her family is challenging. As the family prepare for photos, a knock at the door reveals Kahlil, who is clearly jealous by Jennifer’s date. Will Kahlil always have a soft spot for Jennifer or will Tobias’s reign take over? At thus point, he uses his darts to take out all the family including Jefferson, it seemed so effortless and easy which leaves black lighting more vulnerable that we have ever seen. This sparks a fight scene between him and Jennifer and eventually with some great moves, Jennifer is able to control her powers and we see a new side to her, she is confident, comfortable and strong. After blasting him through a window, it is revealed that this was a training exercise set up by Perenna. Perenna set this up to help Jennifer control her powers and deal with those thoughts of anxiety and fear that are consuming her.

With Tobias whale in custody, inspector Henderson starts to interrogate him but no has no joy as once again, Tobias has every answer planned out. Henderson knows that the police officer who had access to the evidence is now conveniently dead and this is all down to Tobias but with no evidence he will walk free in 48 hours.  Jefferson declares to Henderson that he witnessed his father murdered by Tobias, this knocks Henderson and you can tell that he understands Jefferson’s anger and frustration.

We also see a hint of robin hood, as Anissa continues to steal money from the criminal underworld to help fund to give to her pastor’s health clinic. After Jefferson finds out, Anissa and Jefferson fall out and she decides to move. It doesn’t take them long to make up as Jennifer becomes very tearful and declares she needs her sister to help her through her ordeal.

The scene cuts to Gambi where he goes to his basement and we seeKara Fowdy, on a medical bed wired up to antibiotics and painkillers. Kara is of course recovering from Tobias’ deadly weapon. As Kara develops sepsis her time is running out, Gambi asks her to help with what Tobias is planning but she won’t tell.

Meanwhile Jefferson hears commotion breaking out in the corridor of Garfield High. He instantly reacts and calms the situation down, his way. Principle Lowry intervenes and expels one of the students immediately, much to Jefferson’s objection. Lowry continues to defend the ‘no exceptions to the rule’. Jefferson confronts the principle and explains that he only remains in the school to help him settle in however Lowry makes it quite clear that he needs no help at all.

Whilst at the ASA, Lynn continues her mission to help save the ‘pod kids ‘whereas newly hired Jace has other ideas. As one of the pod kids begins to wake up he triggers his ice power, unfortunately killing himself in the process. However it turns out that Jace knew this was going to happen but chose to not take action and use him for data analysis – something that Lynn can’t accept. Although the data is needed, there’s something about Jace that spells out disaster and she’s up to her old devastating tricks again. I wonder what effect this will have on Lynn as she is fighting her own mission, of saving those poor children.

We then see Tobias transferred into a different room with his attorney and a so called business man. Whilst his attorney is ordered to put on headphones so he can’t hear, Tobias is informed that a large sum of money has been taken from them and with a chilling look Tobias informs him that that person must be killed!

Gambi thinks that the health centre may be attacked by a bomb, so black lighting and Thunder team up once again to watch over it carefully. Gambi’s suspicion was correct as both Black Lighting and Thunder contain the blasts with their powers and keeps the health centre safe.

We then cut to Gambi’s basement where Fowdy tries to escape but instead lands in a heap on the floor, she is getting worse and fast. She realises that her body is shutting down from sepsis and Gambi was right along, before her last breathe she hands him her phone and says ‘Tobias’, maybe Tobias’s location is on here and location of the important proctor’s briefcase.

The final scene shows Tobias being released from prison. As he steps into his car with his usual smug look he announces to the media that he will be a huge member of society and most importantly help find the killer of Jefferson’s dad. As Jefferson watches him on screen,  his eyes light up with electric blue, which also transfers to his whiskey glass and we know that an energy storm is soon on its way.

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