Some of you might recognise the name Paul Edwards.  But not from movies, television or comics.  No, this is our Paul Edwards, DCWorld’s creator and owner.  A strange nomination you might think.  But I disagree.

Paul Edwards has been running DCWorld on his own for many years, starting from just a Twitter account running giveaways of stuff he’d bought out of his own money.  He had no idea it would grow into the monster it is today.

There are people now finding out about DC, and watching DC movies and tv shows – because of Paul’s influence on Twitter.  That’s got to be something to be proud of right?

I contacted him a few years ago asking if he’d like a website, and our friendship spanned from there.  We then started recruiting a team, providing you with fun content to read and collaborate with us on.

The truth is, we are all DC fans – and we have met each other and made friends for life, all thanks to Paul.

People stop him at comic cons for conversation and photos, he means that much to the DC community.  The best thing about that is, i’m lucky enough to call him a friend.

If you are a DCWorld reader, you don’t need telling the influence he has on the DC community and family.  So while he isn’t an actor or a writer – he deserves to be in our Hall of Fame for that alone.

Vote in the hall of fame for Paul Edwards now – and get him to the final!