The final semi final for this year is over and we have all of our finalists confirmed.  First as the person that created the Hall of Fame, i would like to thank our awesome team for nominating and writing about their favourite DC stars all year.

With that in mind, here are the results for the final semi-final of 2018.  Remember that the same as last month, the top two will qualify for the Hall of Fame final:

1st: Matt Ryan (77%)

2nd: Richard Donner (11%)

3rd: Paul Edwards & Chris Chalk (4% each)

4th: Christopher Nolan (3%)

5th: Mark Pillow (1%)

6th: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Frank Miller, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dan Jurgen (0% each)

Paul wont be making it into the DCWorld Hall of Fame this year, but there are still a great selection of DC heroes on show for you to vote from:


You can vote now by going to the Hall of fame page

Kevin Conroy

Cillian Murphy

Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster (Superman Creators)

Dean Cain

John Barrowman

Burt Ward

Batman (Character as a whole)

John Williams

Cameron Cuff

Hans Zimmer

Matt Ryan

Richard Donner