If you are a regular DCWorld reader, you may well remember me sharing information on a fan made game based on the Arrowverse, in November 2017.

It now seems that game is getting close to being released, after a lot of revisions and hard work by Tecosaurus and his team, and we here at DCWorld are hyped to see the results.

You will be able to play as a raft of characters from the arrowverse such as Arrow, Flash, the cast of Legends of Tomorrow and of course Supergirl.  There will be no place on the game for shows outside of the arrowverse however, so the likes of Gotham and Black Lightning are ruled out from this game, as are the cast of Titans and the upcoming Doom Patrol too.

You will be able to roam around real parts of the arrowverse such as S.T.A.R Labs, and Jitters amongst many others, and transport between different earths, and yes Earth-X from last year’s crossover is included as one of the earths you can go to.

There are some awesome additions to the game such as the ability to use Vibe’s powers to transport yourself between Earths, or from one spot to another in the same earth, the ability to shoot arrows like Green Arrow, run fast like Flash and fly like Supergirl.  The Atom suit is also in the game, so you can make yourself bigger and smaller and crush your enemies too.

There seems to be a great way of interacting with the game when changing characters.  You can’t just select which character you are, but if you go up to a character and press a chosen key on the keyboard/game pad, you then become the other character, which really adds some fluidity to the game.

Right now voice actors are working on recording their lines, and we may be able to expect a launch of this game sometime next year.  For more information check out Tecosaurus on youtube, or watch his latest update video below!