Hi all and welcome to another DC World Exclusive interview and this one was great fun to be part of. Today I was at London Comic Con Spring hosed by showmasters and of course I went along to meet some stars and guests of DC TV Shows and movies.

Jes Macallan and Tala Ashe are from the CWs Legends of Tomorrow which we all love and watch every week and they were both amazing to meet in person and also great fun to chat with and I got myself some signed pictures and some fun selfies too.(Ones to cherish forever, Thanks Jes xx)

We asked for a quick interview on camera and they accepted taking us to a location to film. We got a couple of great news items if your a fan of the characters and if they are returning in another version?

Please check out the video below and be sure to stay upto date on all things DC with us at DC World.