SPOILER WARNING: Contains some spoilers from Supergirl episode 22 The Quest for Peace.

For those who recently watched the Supergirl season four final episode The Quest For Peace you may be asking yourself “Who is Leviathan?”

One of the final scenes gave us Eve Tessmacher trying to flee National City only to be stopped by a mystery elderly lady. She appears to know Miss Tessmacher and tells her “The Leviathan are coming, we are everywhere”.


I recognized the word from the current Action Comics story line by Brian Michael Bendis “Leviathan Rising” and the tease for his upcoming comic series “Event Leviathan”. DC Comics gave us this synopsis in the recent Year of The Villain special

“Building off the events of Action Comics, writer Brian Michael Bendis and Artist Alex Maleev begin a six issue mystery event that’s sees the DC Universes greatest detectives- including Batman, Green Arrow and The Question-searching for the new truth behind attacks that wiped out the Kobra Cult, the D.E.O. and other security agencies around the globe. Who is behind the rise is this newly aggressive and dangerous Leviathan? That’s the question that needs answering, as an attack on A.R.G.U.S. leaves the world shaken.”

Is this all connected? Its not been known for a TV show to be in sync with the current comic story line so that isn’t likely.


The only other known Leviathan in the DC universe is a criminal group, much like the League of Assassins. They were led by Talia al Ghul and have predominately been a Batman foe.

The group first appeared in Batman: The Return issue 1 in 2011, created by Grant Morrison. This should please the ears of any comic book fan. Known for some of the best Batman and Superman stories across the years, Morrison also has an art at creating interesting and wacky characters. Head on over the DC Universe app and watch Doom Patrol for proof of this.


As previously mentioned, The Leviathan have only been around since 2011. A criminal organisation led by Talia al Ghul who created the group out of revenge after Bruce Wayne rejected her.

Talia al Ghul exists in the Arrowverse and has been seen along side Oliver Queen on the show Arrow. Played by the actress Lexa Doig, the character is still alive so it will be interesting to see if she is announced as featuring next season. Lets not forget Supergirl is currently on a different Earth to Arrow and The Flash. If Talia does arrive it could be a different version to that which we have seen.

Other notable members include Professor Pyg. A character to have featured on the show Gotham, but never in the Arrowverse. The Heretic, who was a clone of Damian Wayne. Dr Dedalus is a former Nazi scientist who again hasn’t been featured in the Arrowverse. An interesting thing to note here is that Dr Dedalus is the biological father of Kate Kane aka Batwoman. The new show joining the Arrowverse later this year.


To discover a group working behind the scenes pulling the strings of Lex Luthor is a group we do not take lightly. The man with the plan who appeared to be 5 steps ahead of everyone this season was manipulated by Miss Tessmacher and her mystery boss. That leaves me very excited heading into Supergirl season five.