The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement…

The following article is in support of British Actor Will Rowlands and a few other passionate fans DC World have been in contact with and supporting recently and after talking to Will on social media DC World wanted to support this super amazing movement they have started and its gaining MASSIVE momentum to Release the Zack Snyder Cut of the Justice League Movie.

We now all know it exists and need Warner Bros to step up and release to us the many, many fans around the world and realise they will also make even more money in this venture.

San Diego Comic Con 2019 in July is where this movement will continue to advertise and promote the #ReleaseTheSnyderCutmovement with air plane flyovers with banners, posters on bus stops, t shirt and merchandise sales (links below to purchase and donate) and also supporting a Suicide Awareness charity, plus giant bill boards and more.

DC World wanted to post this article online as It is a little known fact that the Justice League movie released in the Theatres only had approximately 30 minutes of scenes shot by the credited Director Zack Snyder.

Here we go……..

The Theatrical cut was just under 2hrs.

The original version, all shot by Zack Snyder was just over 3.5hrs. Meaning that we have not seen 2hrs of the movie that was advertised.

Zack was also created in the Theatrical release as ‘Story by Zack Snyder’
The reality is, due to the extreme changes made, the story was completely different.

Rewind to 2011….

WB asked Christopher Nolan, following the huge success of his dark and gritty Batman Dark Knight Trilogy, to look at developing a trilogy or at least rebooting the Superman for film.

He wasn’t 100% into it due to other projects he was working on, so he contacted Zack Snyder and asked if he wanted to develop.
Zack agreed as did WB and work began.

Zack created Man of Steel, with world building in mind, however ensured it was or could be its own stand alone movie.
After the success WB asked Zack to work on a cinematic universe following on from Man Of Steel.

Zack then devised and created his 5 arc plan….. (see design)

He presented this to WB who Green-Lit the project.

There was to be;

1)Man Of Steel
2)Batman V Superman; Dawn of Justice 3)Justice League Part 1
4)Justice League Part 2
5)Man Of Steel 2

What we didn’t know at the time is that during Post Production of BVS, the studio interfered and cut half and hour out…

Leading to this; despite BVS making just short of $900m at the Box Office, it received a lot of negative critic reviews, complaining of various issues mainly it was “too dark” “Poor story” etc etc

Realising that they should have listened to Zack, when they released the DVD,

they included the Ultimate Edition…..

DVD sales took another $80m, those who had previously gave negative reviews were now changing their minds, a lot have been on record to say it is now ‘a great film, why didn’t they show that in the cinema’.

You would hope they learned from this…. Wrong!
They then interfered with Suicide Squad….look at the reception that received.

After the awful reviews and constant negativity from anti DC bloggers and MCU fanboys, WB suddenly wanted to revise their original green light for Zack’s 5 arc plan….
They publicly changed the plan slate of releases and told Zack to reduce his story down to just three movies.

This meant for the time being, there would be no Man Of Steel 2. Justice League would now need to be in one movie…

So, Zack revised his storyboards and condensed it into one movie but warned the Studio that it would mean the one movie would have to be in the region of 3.5hrs to enable him to fully tell the story….
The studio agreed!

The nightmare sequences in BVS would pay off in JL, which ultimately would have pleased those who still hated on BVS. It would show, there was a plan after-all.

As a film maker Zack has his own process, unlike most he doesn’t work off of a script.

He draws the film himself, he creates a book of storyboards and then asks for a script to include within his vision.
He has a rule “If I draw it, I shoot it”

Another process Zack follows is, he will always shoot heavy CG scenes first in principle production, when he is happy that that scene is shoot he immediately send it off to be worked on. This allows a longer Post Production process, effectively this means it will be perfected easy in advance.

Whenever a shot that requires only CG work and no actors, he will shoot these in Pre Production, freeing up even more time in Post Production.

It’s surprising that not all film makers do this, it seems like common sense right?

So, Principle production is completed, the cast all move on.
During Post Production, studio Execs particularly Geoff Johns, Toby Emerich and Kevin Tsujihara, were pressuring Zack to Marvel-ise the film as they started to fear the same negativity that BVS received.
Approximately 6 months into Post Production, Zack’s Daughter Autumn took her own life.
Zack then stepped down to be with his family.

This created the opportunity for WB to take advantage of the situation and change the movie….

Publicly claiming that the film would remain as ‘Zack’s vision’ and Joss Whedon was brought in to make sure the film is completed ‘as per Zack’s vision’
This has since proven to have been a lie.

It has now been revealed that when Zack left, the execs at WB told Joss to reduce the film down to ‘no more than’ 2hrs. The reasoning, to enable more viewings per day to increase the box office numbers.

Joss recommended that this would require extensive reshoots in order to make the story legible, including cutting out major plot points. He apparently requested more time but Tsujihara

mandated the run time and insisted the release date did was not delayed, it has since transpired that the release date remained because Tsujihara and crew wanted to ensure its release in time to hit end of year bonus payouts. Again using the tragedy for personal gain.

Meanwhile WB was actively promoting the movie.
Releasing multiple trailers still showing Snyder Cut scenes and dialogue that would never be in the actual movie.

Joss even reshot already completed scenes, almost shot for shot solely to add smiles, jokes and change the dialogue to fit the new storyline….

When the film was released it was essentially a box office flop.

The movie was titled ‘Directed by Zack Snyder’ ‘Story by Zack Snyder’
The reality is, the story was not Zack’s and 90% of footage was not filmed or directed by Zack.

They kept his name to cover their deception hoping that because it is the first live action Justice League movie, the audience would flock to it, find it light and funny and it would make Avengers money.

Snyder fans knew it was way of, many DC fans liked it but felt extremely disappointed and the anti DCEU bloggers/fanboys hated it.

How could they release it with the awful Henry Moustache CG face! Crazy……. The immoral actions did not pay off.

Between the time of the films release and the DVD release, heads began to roll at WB.
Geoff Johns was fired and moved sideways, other señior members were quietly moved on, publicly though WB spun these moves as a positive, however the real reason was major share holders were furious at the treatment Zack received and the poor management of this movie.

Then the DVD release date came.
The trailers for the DVD release still included the same SnyderCut scenes as before, yet now customers knew that what was being advertised was not going to be in the movie itself.

WB did try and give some hope by announcing the DVD contained previously unseen scenes, the reality was two short clips both lasting around 2 minutes.
These scenes were in Zack’s tone and style and completely finished and would absolutely had improved the theatrical version. This was just less than 5 minutes of footage that could of been put into the film at least….

The truth was now leaking, people were no longer being fooled.
Cast members and crew began to publicly condemn the movie and call for the Directors cut…

Within months of the films release and the first whispers of the truth fans began small protest outside of WB Burbank, CA, and thus the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement was born.

(see attached)

A website soon followed

(This has a detailed timeline of events)

In the aftermath of all these revelations the movement has grown and grown…..
Fighting for not only the SnyderCut, but campaigning for Artistic Integrity and Suicide Awareness.

A 180,000 person signed survey asking for the SnyderCut.

A Co-ordinated Letter campaign to the now new Chief of DC films division at WB – Walter Hamada, asking for the Snyder Cut.

Worldwide Trending of the #

The first Campaign to support AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in honour of Autumn) #5for5

Ink to The People T-shirt campaigns, again to raise money in honour of Autumn for AFSP Banner flown over WB Studios = ReleaseTheSnyderCut

In response the the T-Shirt campaign, Zack released his own T-Shirt campaign printing his 5 arc design on the shirt.

Co-ordinated telephone campaign to WB studios asking for info on releasing the Snyder cut

The movement then donated to buy gifts for the Phone Operators at WB for being so polite and putting up with the contact influx of calls. (in my video)

Zack then arranged ‘SNYDERCON’
A three day weekend event showing one of his films Directors cuts a day including a panel Q&A with Zack, cast and crew and signings;

Dawn of The Dead – Friday Watchmen – Saturday
BVS Ultimate Edition – Sunday

Since the movement began Zack has been dropping clues on his VERO account, posting previously unseen screenshots from JL, fuelling the intensity for the movement to not stop fighting.

At the BVS UE screening, Zack explained the 5 arc original plan….

The nightmare sequences were shots from the future in Justice League movie.
The burned down Metropolis, The OMEGA symbol scorched into the earth, Evil superman kills Batman “She was my world, and you took her from me”

Flash appearing to Bruce in the Cave “I’m too early” “Bruce listen to me, you were right about him, you were always right about him, Save Lois, Lois is the key, Lois is the key”

Zack explained that the league would fail to defend Earth and most of the League would die, leaving Barry, Cyborg and Bruce;

Steppenwolf was almost defeated but retreated, causing DARKSEID to come.

DARKSEID unable to use the AntiLife Equation against Clark, learns that the only way into his mind is to remove Lois.
DARKSIED boom tubes into the Bat cave where Lois is with Bruce in hiding.


Superman distraught, Heartbroken blames Bruce for not protecting her….. blames him for her death I.e she was my world, you took her from me….

Superman then succumbs to the AntiLife and become evil Superman as seen in the vision…

Cyborg learns that the Mother Box technology can assist Barry in time travel if he can run fast enough….. But explains that there’s only two windows in space time, if he misses either, he would appear in Space, as the Earth would have rotated from that point in Time and Barry would die in outer space.

As Barry is about to go through, Bruce remembers the visit he got from Flash in the cave and finally realises what it meant, he asks Cyborg which window Barry should take, Cyborg answers and Bruce says to Barry, use the other one, you already tried this one.

Barry then goes back to the correct moment in time just before Lois is Murdered enabling Bruce to save her.
Superman then never falls under the influence and is able to defeat Darkseid….. yay

He then said WB were worried it would be too scary. Too dark.

Them then changing it completely when he left now made sense, they wanted light and fun marvelesque, for profit.
A complete and immoral act taking advantage of the suicide for their own gain.

In the build up to the 3 day event which we called SnyderCon, people were getting excited that he may announce the release of the Snyder cut..
All the clues he’s been posting, the info being leaks was all pointing towards its existence. Despite many negative bloggers etc still insisting and rudely implying fans were crazy, all claiming that there was no such thing as a Snyder Cut…..

However during the Q&A, not one person had the courage to ask him about it, does it exist? Is it being released? What are all your clues? Etc

During the SnyderCon, I got to speak with Zack after the Q&A, I asked him if WHEN (not if) as it was obvious he has a cut and its was ready to go before he stepped away.)

He replied, “I can’t tell you when, all I can say is, Its Done, It’s Ready, all but a few CG tweaks but it’s done, I just can’t legally release it, only they (WB) can”

As it turns out, I was not the only person told this….

This news really boosted the morale and we kept fighting for the cut.
At every given opportunity we # on a WB tweet, keeping the # trending still. Now we had confirmation the IT EXISTS.

The time to step up our campaign was now.
We knew it was real, now we needed the wider audience, the public, the everyday cinema goer, if they knew the truth, they would understand how important it is to get this film released to correct a wrong.
Not only at the customers for mis-selling a product, but most importantly for the immoral behaviour and to dedicate it to the memory of Autumn, or at least acknowledge the tragedy and apologise publicly.

This must never happen again.
Greed should never come before decency

Green-Lit Art should always be honoured…. Afterall why employe an expert if execs overuse based on an idea of potential profit…

Notice that recently the studio are trying to promote themselves as a Director Driven Studio, this is a direct response to the movement, STILL without acknowledging what happened.

So, the main group of us who regularly co-ordinate, came up with the idea of #ProjectComicCon. The idea is to gain more support and public knowledge.

NOT to embarass the studio.

If the movement can win over naysayers, educate the haters, the humanity in most people would inspire them to also want this to not happen again but to call for the right thing and release what Zack and crew worked so so hard on.

Where else better than SDCC….

The large audience and worldwide entertainment media will be there.

IF we can promote the movement it surely can’t be ignored or disregarded anymore…

We figure that if WB see that so many people from around the world have the same demand, they would conclude at the very least there is profit to be made……

Initially our idea was another Banner flying over the convention on the Friday whilst people started to queue outside for Hall H…. Banner reading WB #RELEASETHESNYDERCUT OF JUSTICE LEAGUE.

However to continue to honour our tradition of donating to AFSP, we decided that 50% of all raised would go to AFSP.
We needed $1,070 USD for the Banner, meaning our goal had to be $2,140 USD.

I honestly didn’t think we would have enough time at the beginning of April to raise this money. I set up the GoFundMe campaign…
And off we went….
Within the first 13 HOURS we hit our gaol and some.

We realised that the demand was so high for the SnyderCut and people saw this idea as something really positive, which may actually work.

So we quickly came up with another idea and Called it, Level 2.
A Billboard on the highway as you enter San Diego, 3 days later the goal was hit

Cash was flowing in, it was simply amazing. The outpouring of love is incredible.

so, we now thought about how we can make this one of the biggest fan lead PR campaign in film history…
Level 3, an Ad in The SDCC Edition of The Hollywood Reporter……
This was extremely expensive, so we had to do it in tiers, I.e set a goal for Quarter page, black & white Ad. (The ad was to advertise we would be attending the convention to hand out info and educate as many people in person as possible)

To our amazement we quickly reached enough to pay for a half page Ad in Colour… hitting a grand total for all goals so far of $18,460 USD.

What next we thought, Level 4….. Bus Stop Advertisement in San Diego.

This also is extremely expensive, We found that we could purchase an entire wrap design around an entire bus shelter in San Diego by the Convention centre…. We would now need to raise a grand total of $21,410 USD

You guessed it, we did it.

Media attention now gaining traction due to funding over $21k
We started to get asked for Interviews, even bloggers were starting to admit that the cut exists and there should perhaps be a release of it.
The 50% to charity also showed that we were not a spoilt bunch of children demanding to see a Superhero movie, it’s actually a genuine cause that goes beyond just a movie.

So to complete our own 5 arc story, in honour/mirroring that of Zack, we recently launched Level 5.
A mobile Billboard that will drive around the convention centre 5days in the week for 8hrs a day during SDCC.

This however is the most expensive thing….

During the convention, I forgot to mention fully, we will have a Ground Team of movement members actively campaigning and interacting with attendees handing out leaflets and free merchandise whilst trying to educate.

The ground team thus far has self funded, however due to the scale of this project, it has became obvious the ground team must up step its game…

So inc in Level 5 is extra funding for leaflets and merchandise.

There are two options involved, hit a cheaper target of a paper mobile billboard by the end of June or the more expensive digital mobile billboard a week before the event in July.

The contingency being, in any case, if we fail to reach enough for mobile BB, the ground team will be funded and all remaining donations added to the donation to AFSP.

To date, we have raised almost $12,000 USD for AFSP from Project Comic Con alone.

When you include Money raised through t-shirt campaigns, we have raised a total (so far) for AFSP an amount almost $100,000 USD!

To try and promote the final push for Project Comic Con I decided to do a video / Docu of the movement so far, advertise what we have achieved and also create a dedication to Autumn and the Snyder’s.

However, having previously been in contact with Ray Porter, the Actor who played DARKSEID, I thought I would ask if he would lend me his voice…..

The rest they say, is history

Link to SDCC #ProjectComicCon Shirts

Link to the Teespring Store where we are selling Merchandise.

Link To Will Rowlands Twitter feed

Thank you to Will and everyone involved and good luck, DC World will be supporting you all the way and if it gets released, Personally I want to see it with you all on the largest screen possible, I will get the popcorn!!