Fans of Superman are sure to be getting a great season this year from Krypton. Last season, fans were introduced to the home planet of Superman and his great-great grandfather Val-El and grandfather Seg-El. As well as bringing in DC Comic characters as hero Adam Strange and villains Brainiac, General Zod, and Doomsday. Season 2 continues the story from last year’s introducing  another DC character, and making his small screen debut, the bounty-hunter Lobo.

The first five minutes of “Light-Years from Home” starts six months after the last episode of season 1. Zod has officially taken over Krypton. Adam Strange is able to beam himself back from the future where he landed in Detroit. While in Detroit, he finds Zod has taken over Earth and Brainiac has also taken his city for his collection. When Adam arrives, a message from Zod is playing. When the message ends he finds himself dodging the Sagetari. He then bumps into Jax-Ur who then takes him to Val, Nyssa, and Cor-Vex (Seg and Nyssa’s baby). Val, who is no longer a hologram to Adam, brings him up to speed on what happened with Seg.

With all the twists and turns from last season making jaws drop, this season doesn’t seem to disappoint with adding more: As mentioned before Lobo is making his debut. But he has also landed his own show! That’s right! DC is already in the works in making Lobo a solo show! When it will drop is to be determined. There is also a first look into The Phantom Zone during the season opener and it is trippy making Seg hallucinate. But it doesn’t last long as he and Brainiac are transported to Brainiac’s home planet of Colu.