So it was another end of the year comic con and one we always love attending the MCM comic con London and again was an epic end to a great year. Not only as the venue is a short drive for us but also this was because MCM now have Tattoo Artists with their own sterile cubicles at the event where you can pre book or if in luck walk up and get a REAL Tattoo at the event.

This event was more special this time round as myself and my step son James had been in touch with a very talented Tattoo Artist Laura Jane Ink from Empire INK in Edinburgh. Laura is super talented and a comic realism Tattoo Artist and she was so popular in the earlier MCM this year we missed our opportunity on booking but this time round we were in luck and both booked in for the Saturday at the event and were the only two people that day she managed to Tattoo as our artworks took many hours each.

I decided to have a batman symbol down my left arm as I had seen something ages ago like it and really liked the design and Laura modified it to her idea which I agreed on and inside the symbol was a comic book style Joker face, so off I went for the afternoon on a 4 hour tattoo session, what sold it to me was the colours really standing out and I must say I absolutely love it.

My Step son James is a Massive fan of Spiderman into the Spiderverse and wanted something special as his first Tattoo and Laura designed a bespoke Artwork just for him of Venom wrapping around Miles Morales and a Spiderverse graffiti style symbol, again absolutely amazing work and he was well pleased with the design and how it turned out too.


We both want to thank Laura Jane Ink for her amazing talent and time with us both and hope to see you again soon, maybe for an addition!!


Check out Lara Janes work and profiles below..



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