Written by: Robert Rovner & Marc Guggenheim

Teleplay by: Derek Simon & Jay Faerber

Directed by: Jesse Warn


Crisis on Infinite Earths is one of the most legendary comic book storylines of all time. For this adaptation to be attempted takes an awful lot of guts and skill. Skill that has been mastered throughout 25 seasons of DC Arrowverse shows.


This is the biggest crossover event ever to be made on TV. Five different TV shows telling one long story really is a true spectacle that I never dreamed would become a reality. Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and everyone involved in making this a reality deserve huge amounts of credit, applause and even some awards.


Hour one takes place during episode 9 of Supergirl. There is no messing around with this crossover as we get straight into the action right from the start. 

This is a Supergirl episode, and the characters still just about take the limelight but it is crammed full of other heroes and cameos galore. This is not 42 minutes of all out action but in turn does a wonderful job setting up the entire story for the crisis. This will hopefully mean hours 2-5 will waste no time in re-telling the audience about who everyone is and what the crisis means.

Let’s start off with the cameos. Following months of build up I’m slightly disappointed to see some of the cameos were simply 2 seconds of screen time looking scared. Nice to see but I do feel a bit let down.

On a positive note it is wonderful to see so many heroes on screen together during the first hour. Green Arrow, Flash, Superman, Atom, White Canary and Batwoman all play a pivotal role. From working with each other for so long it goes without saying the chemistry is amazing. The standout moments for me were when Sarah Lance and Oliver Queen are on screen together. Also Oliver and Barry are such a great duo who bounce of each other so naturally. 

This episode delivered exactly what I expected. Huge amounts of spectacle, a decent foundation for the event and even a light sprinkle of humor to get us through such a universe ending crisis. Then there is an ending that I don’t think anyone would have predicted. I am not ashamed to admit the ending to this episode left me with some very watery eyes.


Crisis on Infinite Earths continue with Batwoman.