The Flash: Episode 10 – Marathon

Barry and the team have said their final farewells to Oliver Queen and are starting to begin their new lives on Prime Earth. With hundreds of new villains and timelines changed due to the Crisis, who knows what the rest of Season 6 has to offer.

But there are plenty of new things that come in during the episode:

 There is a brand new title sequence that shows something like we have seen while Barry is in a timeline. 

There is a renovated CCJitters (which gets terrorized two seconds after its Grand Reopening).

With the addition of new threats, cities like Gorilla City are now on Prime Earth (will we see more of Gorilla Grodd?).  

We find out, due to the multiverse no long in existence, there is no more breaching. 

Killer Frost is now called Frost.

 And with new threats, old threats have become new villains. They are part of a group called Black Hole.  

But the most tearful part, at least for me, was Diggle handing Oliver’s Green Arrow mask to Barry. It was in Oliver’s last will and testament that Barry was to have it. As the scene played, my mind went back to the scene on the roof with both of them in Season 1 of The Flash when Barry asks Oliver for advice (watch video below). But it is also the fact that Oliver was given the mask the same night as when he became The Flash, made the scene even sweeter. Especially since Barry made the mask for Oliver. It was great way to finally say goodbye to the show that helped start The Flash.

Next episode “Love is a Battlefield”