The Flash – Episode 11 : Love is a Battlefield


This episode involved Valentine’s Day. Pat Benatar’s 1983 song with the same title was probably playing in the background somewhere. There were of course some cute moments for a certain couple during the episode. But then there were some weird moments too.

Remember the episode when Iris made Barry breakfast. He tried so hard to keep a “it’s good” face for Iris as he ate, but Iris could tell it wasn’t good. Well, Iris made a surprising breakfast for them and it was good this time! Barry is shocked but doesn’t ask her how she became such a good cook suddenly. It does take some practice. And with her attention on the Citizen, when has she had time?


Some other odd things happen that Barry is a bit shocked with not knowing his wife could do it. One was at their Valentine’s Day dinner. They have made reservations to a true Italian restaurant. One of those when it is best to know how to speak the language. When talking to the waiter, Iris starts speaking in Italian.  pastedGraphic_2.png

Another surprising moment, it when Iris and Barry go in search of Amunet. They arrive at a dive bar to get more information. Iris goes in on her own. When a patron of the bar tries to escort Iris out, she breaks a bottle over the guy’s head to make her fit in. She then gets her information and goes back out to Barry who is waiting for her. He asks what happened because he could hear the commotion in their comms. She tells him what she did. Barry is shocked but doesn’t go any further with it.

It isn’t until they are met with Amunet and Goldface, who are having a lover’s quarrel, that Barry finally questions Iris. She has taken her life in her hands when they faced Amunet and Goldface and puts the other events of the day together. When he finally confronts her to see why she isn’t herself, she asks him to not treat her like a damsel in distress. 

At home, Iris (the real one) watches her life from the living room mirror.

Trailer for episode 12 “A Girl Named Sue”