Episode fifteen of the season focused largely on Alice and for the first time in the season we got a glimpse in to her weakness which as we learnt was beaten in to her from an early age by her own Red Queen, Mabel Cartwright. The mother of August, Mabel is a sadistic OAP who done everything in her power to break down a young Alice which was very much highlighted throughout the episode. Seeing Alice in this state of fear highlighted just how incredible an actress Rachel Skarsten really is.

Aside from the storyline mainly focusing on Alice’s fears, a majority of the episode saw Kate face to face with August Cartwright. Adamant to not give away the location of Beth, August was prepared to take his own life but was saved by Kate. But that wouldn’t last for long as in an uncontrollable rage, Kate launched herself on to a defensive August whose earlier lacerations to his throat would leave to his demise and also add a notch to Kate’s murder list, something which Beth is clearly going to get a lot of joy from.

The relationship between Luke and Mary continued to grow as the dynamic duo were out hunting for the car used by the murderer of Beth from episode twelve. The pairing is really fun and I really enjoy how the two bounce off of each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the pair share a romantic connection in future episodes and I am all in for a Luke and Mary relationship. 

Whilst I appreciate the story telling in the episode my only gripe would be that we didn’t hardly get to see any Batwoman, aside from a short opening which saw her save a woman from a man who ended up getting more than he had bargained for. That was my only minor criticism of the whole episode which to be fair isn’t the worst thing in the world.

For me if the shows are focused on Alice then they can’t really get things wrong as she is definitely one of the best characters in the entire season. The throwbacks to the old days are done very well and there was a lot of them in this episode. The storyline and ending of the episode seems to suggest that Alice and Kate will have to work together and that is an interesting dynamic to watch unfold so I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.