Written by: Sabrina Jalees

Directed by: Colin Heck

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, J.B. Smoove, Jason Alexander, Tony Hale, Matt Oberg, Diedrich Bader, Christopher Meloni, Rahul Kohli

Synopsis: “Harley and Ivy (LAKE BELL) go undercover as college students to take down Riddler, who’s made himself the dean of the local university, where he has sinister plans for the students – including Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s daughter!”

Harley and Ivy go back to college in one of the funniest episodes to date. This episode was written by Sabrina Jalees who is traditionally known as a stand up comic. This is probably why the jokes all landed this week.

New New Gotham looks like a really miserable place right now. With the city divided up between Bane, Riddler, Two Face and Penguin will Harley bring the city back together or will she continue with her childish vendetta?

Clayface was my MVP this week with a phenomenal voice performance by Alan Tudyk. He goes undercover as a popular college girl to infiltrate Riddle U. We know how Clayface gets lost in his characters and to quote Ivy, his best performance to date. While the introduction of a new character offers an interesting path forward, especially with Batman missing to protect the streets of Gotham.

This show continues to go from strength to strength. If it’s not a laugh a minute it’s someone getting punched in the face. This week really demonstrated that. We shift from Harley and Ivy mocking the Riddler to a very brutal, graphic fight scene with Riddler’s goons. It’s difficult to tell with animated shows where the credit goes, was it the writing or the direction but Sabrina Jalees and Colin Heck made a great team this week.