After waiting a while for the best CW show currently airing to come back, Legends of Tomorrow hits us with another cracker. Here is my Legends of Tomorrow: ‘Zari, Not Zari’ review. Spoilers likely…

In the latest episode Zari wants to try and figure out why she has been having all these ‘episodes’ (?). Side effects, if you will. Viewers will have noted that as the season has gone on, the old timeline of Zari Tomaz has been coming through the current version of the character. Well, while Zari is trying to figure things out, the rest of the Legends are working on where they might find the next piece of the loom of fate. Therefore, off goes Constantine in a jumpship, flying off to the new location and Zari takes on a vision quest.

One of the main parts of the story is that Behrad died in another timeline. It’s clear that people don’t always stay dead in this show (or other CW shows for that matter). However, having Behrad dead in two timelines is kinda heartbreaking. The Fate Sisters have a lot to answer for, piling the misery on. Should not have happened.

Fans of Supernatural will also have appreciated the in-joke. Now, I have only seen the first season of Supernatural, and that was a long time ago. Anyway, there’s a nod to it here. No crossover here because Supernatural is a tv show (I know how that sounds don’t worry). I say that because Sara finds a flyer about filming of the show where they are situated at that time. They also find a Chevy Impala (I believe this is Dean’s car in the show?). In the car they find charred bodies and we get a little funny from Sara asking “Who is going to be filming season 15?”. A little reference to the Covid-19 pandemic shutting production on many things down.

Going on, as Behrad is dead, Zari becomes a totem bearer once more. It appears that Zari will want to use the Loom of Fate to bring Behrad back from the dead. Will it work? I guess we will have to wait and see.

I’m not going to go in to a recap of the episode but we are treated to some good stuff throughout. Sara, the Dean Winchester fan and the arrival of Charlie’s sister Atropos. But let’s not forget Sara’s dance with death, who or what is she?

Mick is sidelined this episode, which is a shame. However look out for the highlight reel from him and Ava. Great stuff.

No doubt I have missed things here but still, Zari, Not Zari is another great episode of the show. I do believe that this is the best of the CW shows at the moment. I urge all to check it out.

Cheers, John