Another solid episode of Batwoman this week which had a sole focus and pulled in a number of the main characters in a really good way, arguably for the first time this season. We got to see a jealous side of Kate, Mary’s desperation plea to become an honorary member of the Bat-team, Luke’s frustration and much more!

The focal point of the episode was both the Bat-team and the villains vowing to hunt down Lucius Fox’s journal which contained details on how to defeat Batman. Quite a simple storyline to follow but like I mentioned one in which they done a great job in involving all the key parties and giving them all time to shine individually.

The only slight quibble I had was the pairing of Julia Pennyworth and Kate, but that is probably more down to me not really believing in the acting ability of Christina Wolfe who plays Julia in the series. It may be her British accent which really does stick out like a sore thumb in this show but I just can’t get behind her character or how she is portrayed. It may grow on me but so far its just something that I can’t rally behind.

That said, the remainder of the cast really did a great job this week in proving that sometimes simplicity is the best way to go and without overdoing it where able to put on one of the best shows of the series so far. Particular shout-outs to Kate for how she portrayed the jealous ex-girlfriend whilst Julia gave her constant updates on how her dating life is going with Sophie. And also as is becoming a common theme in these reviews I can’t not give credit to Mary for another outstanding performance. With the chances of her joining the Bat-team looking bleak early on, she was pivotal in rescuing Batwoman and earned herself the respect of Batwoman and Luke.

Something else to look forward to in future episodes will be the inclusion of Magpie, a villain who we only really got a brief glimpse in to in this episode but one who I think will have a prominent role in future weeks. The sister of Kate’s former fling Reagan will definitely be looking to inflict some punishment on Gotham’s favourite female crime fighter and I am really excited to see how that story develops.

Overall and once again a really enjoyable episode of Batwoman this week and I look forward to reviewing next weeks show and am equally hopeful that you are all in agreement that this series is really starting to develop in to must watch TV each week!