“Lovers Quarrel”

Written by: Adam Stein

Directed by: Christina Sotta

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, J.B. Smoove, Jason Alexander, Tony Hale, Matt Oberg, Diedrich Bader, Christopher Meloni, James Adomian

Synopsis “Darkseid will grant Psycho the world if Psycho can prove himself by bringing him the head of Harley Quinn, the earth woman who absconded with his army without making good on her end of the deal.”

As far as penultimate episodes go the story Adam Stein wrote here could not be much better. Season long stories are concluded, scores are settled, normality is almost restored until the final moment cliffhanger hits us and leaves us desperate for the final episode. What more could you ask for from any TV show?

Lovers Quarrel


Using Darkeid as a somewhat distraction to the story and a bit part player was a risky choice which I think paid off. Arguably the biggest bad in the DC universe left the show as quick as he arrived. We all know how powerful he is and what he is capable of. I loved how the show had Harley use Darkeid for her own personal gain and didnt for one second worry about the consequences. 

He didn’t get the screen time a character of his magnitude deserved but that in itself demonstrates how clever it was to use him the way the show did. Harley needed to make a move to get one over her villain rivals and without needing to waste precious screen time in building up a lesser known character, you go straight to the top and immediately the audience knows the gravitas of the situation. 

Lovers Quarrel


The burning question this series has been Harley and Ivy, will they or won’t they? We saw in the Bachelorette episode how far their relationship has developed. With Ivy and Kiteman’s wedding just around the corner everybody is eagerly waiting to see if it goes ahead. Kiteman is the nicest guy in the world and adores the ground Ivy walks on but let’s be honest, we all want Harley and Ivy to end up together. Lovers Quarrel has some real jaw dropping moments and leaves us with more questions than answers. Next week’s final episode is going to be an emotional end either way. 


This week’s MVP has to go to our leading lady Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn. Its her show but doesn’t always hog all the screen time. This week though she quite rightly stands front and centre demanding your attention. Credit to the writer Adam Stein again and the director Christina Sotta for the structure and flow of the episode. Lovers Quarrel featured Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman but it was Harley who stole the show. Cuoco has nailed Quinn’s voice and hits her emotions perfectly and this episode was a prime example. The fast paced, high pitched action sequences bring out Harley’s fun, carefree personality but especially this week its the raw, broken down emotional Harley which captivates the audience.