UNDONE  Flash: Into the Void

Undone Watches have done it again and created a beautiful new time piece based on DC Comics The Flash.

This is one you will have no excuse ever to be late again and is available to order now at the link at the Botton of the press release, check it out!


HONG KONG, June 26th – How fast can the Flash run?

Faster than Superman, apparently. He once managed to carry 532,000 people (one by one) to safety, 35 miles away from a nuclear explosion in 0.00001 microseconds. He outran Death by time travelling to the end of Creation where Death has no meaning because nothing, including Death, exists. It was even speculated that at one point he ran so fast, that he travelled back in time, becoming the very bolt of lightning that struck him and transformed him into the Flash in the first place.

With all this being said, UNDONE’s latest collaboration with the Flash won’t be running fast, it’ll keep you right on time.


UNDONE proudly presents “UNDONE x Flash: Into the Void”, a poetic interpretation of the Speedster’s unrivalled lightning speed. Just like the ring that holds together his costume, UNDONE has created an all-encompassing case to build “Into the Void”. The Speedster’s iconography takes centre stage in the form of a bold yet elegant bolt-shaped seconds hand, sweeping across the void of the watch’s minimalist blackout design. The ghost arrow bezel, muted minimalist indices, and pitch-black dial are all an ode to the man who could run so fast. So fast that sound, light, and measurable time become irrelevant.

This is surely a design that speaks for itself, and just like the Flash, is one for the world record books.


Housing the Flash is a 316L stainless steel case; PVD coated in satin black. The case measures in at 40mm diameter, 48mm lug-to-lug, and 15mm thickness. Protecting the lightning bolt is a LEXAN Polycarbonate lens; iconic to UNDONE’s Basecamp collection, with an impact resistance 250x greater than standard glass. The ghost-arrow bezel is smooth, bi-directional, and clickless; a nod to the vintage divers of yesteryears and the 100m water resistance is guaranteed by the screw-down case back and crown. A final touch can be found in the form of the Warner Bros & DC logo adorning the glass caseback.

Powering the Flash’s speed is the trusted SII NH35A; with a 42-hour power reserve and tested to +/- 15 secs p/day accuracy.

Available Now: https://www.undone.com/en/watch-detail/flash

RRP Price: $365 USD