Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons

Written by: J.M DeMatteis

Directed by: Sung Jin Ahn

Staring: Michael Chiklis, Sasha Alexander, Asher Bishop, Chris Jai Alex, Faye Mata, Colin Salmon, Griffin Puatu, Minae Noji, Panta Mosleh

When I first heard about the title Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons I believed this was going to be a crazy, mystical adventure that would dabble with time travel or alternate worlds. How wrong was I? Very wrong. Was I disappointed? Absolutely not.

Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons is actually a very serious, heart warming and emotional story grounded in as much realism as superhero stories can be. 

Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke has always been a favourite character of mine for as long back as I can remember. He was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in 1980 and spent his early days battling the Teen Titans. I enjoy almost any comic Deathstroke appears in from his solo ‘Terminator’ series in the 90’s all the way through Christopher Priest’s most recent 50 issue solo comic series which is a must read for fans of the character. 

knights and dragons


Slade is a character who for some unknown reason has very little screen time compared to other DC Comics villains. Maybe it’s his aggressive, blood thirsty nature or maybe it’s simply the name Deathstroke doesn’t feel marketable enough on toys and merchandise. Whatever the reason, I found it incredibly refreshing that he was given his own titular movie. I would have been happy with a Batman v Deathstroke movie but a whole movie focused on Slade Wilson is a bold but excellent decision by Warner Brothers.

Even villains are the hero of their own story. That has never been more true than with Deathstroke in Knights and Dragons. An assassin with a moral code still doesn’t make you a good guy. When someone from Slade’s past makes it personal then even the most noble of crusades becomes a dark and gruesome journey. Nobody wants to fight an unkillable assassin. 

knights and dragons


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It’s is packed full of fast paced action sequences and a simplistic but layered story which grabs hold of you from the opening seconds and doesn’t let go till the very final moments.

Michael Chiklis was an inspired casting choice. His strong and raspy voice gives you everything you need from Deathstroke. A commanding, powerful performance who blends tough guy with family man incredibly well.

Warner Bros animation is the pinnacle in superhero animated movies with their unique style. The movie flows with a high tempo and its slick transitions from high speed to slow motion close ups once again delivers an eye catching movie. The animated universe is a tremendous showcase for characters and stories which don’t get told in live action.  

Thanks to Warner Bros UK for the opportunity to review this movie and for the use of all images.