When I was asked to see a very special early screening but Warner Bros UK in London I could not say no and off I went to London for a fantastic day.
So here we go with the DC World spoiler free review of Wonder Woman 1984.
Wonder Woman 1984 from start to finish was non stop pure fun and emotion and I had not had the feelings after watching this in a long time from a movie and I thank Director Patty Jenkins for making this happen.
The story worked well and didn’t get lost in anyway and a few things were easily explained of some mystery scenes we saw in trailers.
Gal Gadot is absolutely our WONDER WOMAN aka Diana Prince and plays her part so amazingly well and the interactions with new cast members was brilliant.
She had some super amazing scenes and so happy I got to see some of the things I have wanted to see Wonder Woman do in a long time.
I certainly hope we see her again as the beautiful Amazonian we all now love for this generation.
Pedro Pascal plays a villain Maxwell Lord and I have to say he was cast absolutely spot on and gave us a character to actually know he was bad but also fall in love with and also feel sorry for in a way, his performance amazed me and made me laugh too and he had a great amount of Time throughout the movie.
Kristen Wiig Plays Cheetah aka Barbera Minerva and Is yet another great performance.
A bumbling researcher and reminded me of Clark Kent from the original superman movies and she befriends Gal Gadot,s Diana Prince. 
Then their friendship expands and without spoilers they end up of course becoming enemies and the villainous Cheetah to which the CGI was impressive.
Maxwell Lord of course involved in making this happen.
Overall the movie is Big, Bold and Beautiful from the Epic opening scenes on Themyscira showing us some fantastic environments to the beautiful airplane flying in the fireworks scene, this movie has it all, nostalgia, love, hate and hope, this film made me have some emotions I never knew a movie could make me have and for that it gets a 10 out of 10 and is definitely the movie 2020 needed to end on!
My quote for the movie is
Go see it as soon as you can.
Thank you for reading.
Wonder woman 1984 hits UK cinemas from December 16th.
Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, Diana Prince)
Pedro Pascal (Maxwell Lord)
Kristen Wiig (Cheetah, Barbera Minerva)
Chris Pine (Steve Trevor)
Directed By Patty Jenkins.