So where do I begin…. Its certainly been a long past few years and now its here, Zack Snyders Justice League is available from March 18th on Sky Cinema and Now TV in the UK and HBO Max in the USA.

DC World was lucky enough to see a very early screening and as soon as it happened I sat and watched the entire 4 hour event and let me tell you it didn’t seem like 4 hours.

This is nothing like that other movie that was released but a whole new fresh and very Zack Snyder version and the one we have all been waiting for for the past few years, after all the secrets, glimpses, teases we all knew one day this movie would release and just didn’t know how and when.

lets begin..

The opening of the movie was to me jaw dropping and intense and started way better than I could of anticipated and linked into so much more of the story line and gave us a better view and understanding of what’s to come. The visual effects are brilliant and the high details are incredible, from a small stone to a giant villain, you’ll see!

All of our heroes and maybe a few more are in the movie and has many surprises along the way plus a new soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg and works really well especially in some of the big scale scenes and story telling moments. The characters all get a LOT more screen time and character exploration which was missing from the previous movie and really hope to see more of some of these together in future movies.


There are some massive scenes and new things along the journey in this movie and it was great to see and the teams behind this have made some epic visuals and also don’t forget most of this was finished off while we were in lockdown around the world with Covid, so bravo to all for achieving all this to make it ready for us fans,  also whilst watching there are some chapter screens that pop up at each part throughout to show which chapter is starting so if you wanted to take a little break along the way you can easily pause and carry on, or go for it and watch 4 hours in one like me.

It was definitely worth the wait and Zack should be proud of this movie and im sure the fans reactions as it releases will prove to us all that this should of been the movie that was released a few years ago and not that other place holder.

I really hope we get to see more of Zack Snyder in the DC World and maybe one day the SnyderVerse will continue and maybe a Justice League 2 and 3 should pop up just like that, but I guess we will all have to wait and see.


Enjoy the movie everyone and please post your thoughts in the comments section.


Check out the trailer here..