Hello fellow DC Fans and welcome to the latest issue of “Confessions of a DC Geek”. In this issue we have one of our very own team members in Adam Carr, I.T expert, Wolverhampton Wanderers fan (a very happy bunny at the moment) and cap wearer!

My thanks go to Adam for throwing his cap in the air to take part in this edition of Confessions. As always, this is another great read from a DC fan and gives an idea of what the DC Universe means to, not only Adam, but all fans.

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And so, it is on with this issue, please enjoy…

First of all, tell me a bit about yourself – name, age (if willing), where you’re from and what you do for a living, anything else you wish to mention.My name is Adam, I’m 28 and I’m from Premier League Wolverhampton (haha!).  I’m a Lead Web Designer and also have run the DCWorld website since the team started and Paul allowed me to help out.

What, or who, helped kickstart your DC Comics fandom and when?

I can’t remember a specific moment, but I do remember watching the Batman films, unfortunately George Clooney was my first Batman, but Dean Cain was my first Superman.  I always had a liking for Batman and have got a ton of Batman toys still up my parents loft.


Who is your favourite DC Superhero? – Plainly obvious of course but we ask everyone these questions.

Batman.  Why would it be anyone else.  Technically he’s not a Superhero, he’s a vigilante, but that’s why he was always my favourite.  He COULD in theory be real.  He’s just a guy, who can fight, with gadgets.  I’m a guy, who can’t fight, but I have gadgets!…so I kind of get Batman’s vibe! 

Who is your favourite DC Villain?

Deathstroke.  Has to be.  He’s got two sides to his personality and that’s especially been seen in the arrowverse incarnation of the character.  Manu Bennett does a fantastic job as Deathstroke and was and will always be my favourite actor and character in the arrowverse.  I would say the vibe of loving his son but still being the deathly killer is what attracts me to him, because he’s just a normal family guy who does things for his family.  His costume is also bad ass… 

Overall, who is your favourite DC character?

Probably has to be Batman.  For some the reasons I mentioned earlier.

What is your favourite DC Movie?

Batman: The Dark Knight is probably my favourite all time DC movie.  Heath Ledger’s portrayal as Joker is something I think that has to be cherished by DC fans. Jack Nicholson was great for his time, but Heath Ledger I think will always stand out as the best Joker.

TV shows – which is your favourite DC effort?

This changes season by season but I’d say currently it’s probably Black Lightning sneaking ahead of Gotham.  I like the representation it gives, especially for the issues that have been going on in America lately with Police shooting Black people for seemingly no reason.  It shows that not all black people are gangsters, just like not all white people are super heroes.  That said, also I love the gang vibe of the show, it makes it feel a lot more real than say, Damien Darhk and his magic hands.

Apart from the obvious, give me another DC/Comic Book related website that you visit – any tips for readers?

Why would I tip anyone to go anywhere but DCWorld? 😉  We have some of the most enthusiastic and talented DC Comics writers around.

Is there a DC character, one we haven’t seen a live action version of, that you would like to see become part of the movie, TV Universe or even animated universe? If so, who?

One we are going to see very soon actually, Nightwing.  It will be great to see the younger characters of the DC Universe getting a shot at the big time.  I can’t wait to watch Teen Titans later this year.

Is there an actor/actress out there who you would love to see have a role, no matter how large or small, in something DC Universe related?  Who and why?

Well I would have said The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) but seeing as he’s going to be Black Adam pretty soon I’ll have to rethink on this.  I think Idris Elba is a great actor, and I’d love to see him do something with DC, perhaps not Green Lantern however as he’s got the brawn to be more of a vigilante type.  It would perhaps be good to see him play someone like Batwing.

The DC Universe has featured many, many actors on TV and in the movies, as well as animated movies/series’, so I ask you – who is your favourite actor, anyone who has made some sort of appearance within a DC creation?

My favourite actor of all time is probably Dwayne Johnson, I loved The Rock as a kid and have continued to follow his movies as an adult.  It will be interesting to see how he takes on Black Adam.

Comics – do you read them? And if so what is your favourite comic/graphic novel to read?

I’m afraid I’m not a reader, although I have read a few of the Power Rangers V Justice League comics, some of the older Batman comics, and the Killing Joke.

Are you a convention go-er?  If so, what has been your favourite memory from any that you have been to?

Yes I do love conventions, they are awesome fun checking out all the awesome costumes people make and meeting the stars of the shows.  I particularly enjoy panels however.  My favourite memory would probably have been meeting now one of my good friends and DCWorld creator Paul Edwards.  It’s great to make friends and Paul is a great guy!

This week’s controversial question: This time it relates to Batman, so, scaling up a wall – is it done better in the 60’s series where Batman & Robin often scale or in the movie Batman & Robin where we see the Batmobile scale a wall?

Batmobile scaling the wall gives more drama, but you can’t beat a bit of Adam West.  I don’t think I can choose…

Before we go on to questions regarding your collection, could you please tell our readers where we may find you online (Twitter, YouTube, Blogs etc.)?

@AdamCarrWeb and DCWorld.org.uk!

Now we have the necessities from you, on to the reasons that I created this feature, your DC collection.

First up, do you collect large amounts of DC merchandise or is it just a select variety of items that appeal to you, which you like to pick up?

 I am a big fan of funkos and my collection is slowly growing because we live in an apartment currently.  I do have a few of the movies and tv series on bluray and DVD too.

Do the items you collect relate to one specific character/movie/TV Show etc. or is it just all things DC Comics?

I started off with Arrow and Flash funkos,now I have a range of funkos that I bought and got signed at conventions.  But generally all thing DC Comics.  Also you might notice Spiderman has been adopted into my collection, I wouldn’t mind Spiderman joining DC, he’s the only Marvel property I ever really got into.

Of the items you own, do you have a most prized possession? – I’m not asking for your favourite here, but the one/s you cherish most of all. Why does it/they mean so much to you?

I would say probably my signed Deathstroke Funko.  I got it signed by Manu Bennett last year.

Is there something in your collection that you would consider the strangest? If so, what made you buy it?

Nothing strange to my knowledge, although we did get a Lego Batman cardboard cutout from Sainsburys that we have tried to use in a giveaway for DCWorld, but the winner unfortunately didn’t want it!

Do you have something in your collection that could be described as a rare item?

Probably my limited edition Batman funko the silver metallic one.

What is the your “go to” item when showing off your collection to, say, friends or family?

I don’t really show them off, But probably as above really, and our signed funkos by Wentworth Miller, Manu Bennett, David Mazouz, Robin Lord Taylor.

After asking about conventions above (this question only relevant if you attend of course), what sort of items would you generally come home with, if any, or is it just about the experience?

Hats and Tshirts mainly, I’ve got a thing for caps and tshirts.  I don’t really get photos, I don’t like having my photo taken so it’s more about the experience and merch.

Is there a Holy Grail for you, an item that you would love to own that may prove to be extremely difficult or even impossible to obtain?

I’d like to get my Flash Funko signed by Grant Gustin and/or Ezra Miller.  That would be cool.  I’ll also get one signed by John Wesley Shipp in a few months at Collectormania hopefully!

Cheeky question, but most and least valuable item in your collection?

I’ve got a Deadshot large figure that was sent to me by Mr Paul Edwards, that possibly could be the most valuable thing, Or again the signed funkos.  Least avaluable is probably the Justice League Flash wrist band I got from Odeon for free when I went to see Justice League!

And there we have it. Another issue/edition, or whatever you want to call it, comes to an end. I know, and I feel your pain, it’s all very sad but, don’t worry, we will have another edition coming to you very soon where we will reach double figures. Fantastic.

Again, my most sincere thanks to Adam for doffing his cap and taking part. I am sure you will agree that Adam falls within the category of “DC Geek”, especially having a love of all things Batman.

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