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Now, on to Edition 11’s victim participant, Jordan Valdés who, as you will see, is a big DC fan and, up until now, the youngest Confession-er!

Sincere thanks to Jordan for coming forward and putting his name in the hat for this edition and, if like him, you would like to take part then please see the contact details at the end of this interview.

And so, on with it, Jordan confesses all…

JH @DCW:  First of all, would you mind telling me a bit about yourself – name, age (if willing), where you’re from and what you do for a living, anything else you wish to mention?

JW:  My name is Jordan Valdés. I’m 19 years old and live in the U.S. in Atlanta, GA, where I am an insurance agent by day and podcast co-host (of Multiverse Musings: A DC Comics Podcast) by night!

What, or who, helped kick-start your DC Comics fandom and when? 

I’ve been a DC fan for as long as I can remember. I had a ton of DC content on VHS as far back in my childhood as I can recall that I loved to watch. However, it was when the animated series The Batman premiered in 2004 that I truly became a DIEHARD DC fan!

Who is your favourite DC Superhero?

Batman! He’s always been my favorite! I’ve always loved the more street-level stories that you often get with Batman. I consider him the most noble of all the superheroes. He suffered a terrible tragedy and believed he could never again find happiness, so he dedicated his life to making sure others wouldn’t suffer the same fate he did so that they COULD live happy lives.

Who is your favourite DC Villain? 

The Joker! He’s the perfect foil for Batman! Whereas Batman suffered a terrible tragedy and used it as fuel to become a hero, The Joker suffered a terrible tragedy and succumbed to madness.

Away from the two mentioned above, who is another character you could call a favourite, villain/hero/other character or one of each?

Catwoman! She’s just behind Batman for me when it comes to my favorite fictional characters. I’ve love how even though she’s a thief, she has a huge heart, and at the end of the day she does the right thing and is a hero.

TV shows – which is your favourite DC effort? 

My favorite live-action DC TV show is Smallville, and my favorite animated DC TV show is The Batman! They both had profound impacts on my life!

What is your favourite DC Movie? 

My favorite live-action movie is The Dark Knight Rises, and my favorite animated movie is Batman: Gotham by Gaslight! It’s no coincidence that they both focus heavily on the BatCat relationship, which I adore!

Are there any DC Universe characters, any that we haven’t seen a live action/animated version of so far, you would like to see become part of the movie, TV or even animated universe? If so, which character and who would you like to see play the part/s? 

Gotham and Gotham Girl! They’re new characters created by Tom King and David Finch at the start of DC Rebirth, and I think they’re amazing! As far as actors go, perhaps Kian Lawley for Gotham and Haley Lu Richardson for Gotham Girl. (What a cracking answer, love this – John)

The DC Universe has featured many, many actors on TV and in the movies, as well as animated movies/series’, so I ask you – who is your favourite actor, anyone who has made some sort of appearance within a DC creation? 

Christian Bale! He did such an phenomenal job as Batman and Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Trilogy, brilliantly portraying all sides of the character, and I’ve loved many of his non-DC roles as well!

Comics – do you read them? If so do you have a favourite series, or a graphic novel, that you enjoy more than others? 

Indeed I do read them, and indeed I do have a favorite: Batman (2016-) Annual #2! Not only is it my favorite comic book ever written; it’s my favorite piece of fiction period! It’s an absolutely beautiful love letter to the BatCat relationship!

This editions’ controversial question/s:  

CQ1) Batman Returns – The Penguins’ origin was completely changed for this movie, we see that he is raised by penguins, eats fish etc. (Penguin by name, Penguin by nature I guess). However, this is seen by some as a controversial change to characters’ origin; what are your thoughts on this?

I loved what they did with The Penguin in Returns! They took a villain who I typically am not a huge fan of as he’s usually portrayed and made him so interesting. At different points in the film, he’s hilarious, scary, and tragic, and Danny DeVito was great!

CQ2) Green Lantern – Considered to be one of the least enjoyed DC Movies released. As it stars Ryan Reynolds, and he now appears as Deadpool, do you consider his mocking of the GL movie appropriate or do you feel that he should be more considerate if and when he talks about it?

I actually really like that Green Lantern film, so personally I don’t think it deserves to be mocked, but it’s Reynolds’ film, so it’s certainly his prerogative to do so if he wants to in my opinion.

DC vs Marvel – Social media seems to be a hotspot for this kind of talk, however, at times, it can get out of control and comments can become quite malicious; what are your thoughts on the whole DC vs Marvel issue, or do you feel that there should be no issue?

There’s no need for the rivalry. You can like one more than the other (I totally prefer DC to Marvel), but it’s absurd to me that some fans of each feel the need to put the other one down. The truth is the success of one benefits the other and vice versa.

If you were to fall in a swamp/be electrocuted/fall in a vat of chemicals/witness the death of a loved one etc. and made the choice to become superhero or villain, what would your name and powers be and what sort of costume would you go for?

My name would be The Batfury since that’s my name in DC Universe Online, my suit would be armored and all-black, and if I’m able to choose my powers, then I’d want a Martian’s power set, since they have so many and such strong abilities!

Conventions – do you attend them and, if so, which has been your favourite?

I do indeed attend cons! I’ve only been to a couple different ones though, and those are Dragon Con and The Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo, both of which I love!

Before we go on to questions regarding your collection, could you please tell our readers where we may find you online (Twitter, YouTube, Blogs etc.)?

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @batfanjordanv, and you can find the podcast I co-host, Multiverse Musings: A DC Comics Podcast, here: https://multiversemusings.podbean.com/ or on iTunes or TuneIn!

Now we have the necessities from you, on to the reasons that I created this feature, your DC collection. 

First up, do you collect large amounts of various and random DC merchandise or is there a single type of item that you like to pick up?

I collect large amounts of various and random DC merchandise! I would say that the type of item I have the most of in my collection are action figures, though.

Do the items you collect relate to one specific character/movie/TV Show etc. or is it just all things DC Comics? 

My collection covers pretty much every corner of the DC Universe, but Batman is the character who is most-represented, as he’s my favourite!

Of the items you own, do you have a most prized possession? – I’m not asking for your favourite here, but the one/s you cherish most of all. Why does it/they mean so much to you?

My action figures and Batmobile from the animated series The Batman are my most prized possessions, since as I brought up earlier, that was the show that made me a diehard DC fan!

Is there something in your collection that you would consider the strangest? If so, what made you buy it? 

I have some collectible caps from DC Crazy Foam shampoo cans that are kinda strange (but cool)! I bought them because I have a problem where I have trouble NOT buying something DC-related if I see it at a store!

Do you have something in your collection that could be described as a rare item? 

I’ve got some old Silver Age Batman comics that were gifted to me! I’ve also got a limited chase edition DC Bombshells Catwoman Funko Pop! vinyl figure!

What is the your “go to” item when showing off your collection to, say, friends or family? 

My go-to item for showing off my collection would probably be my DC Comics Designer Series Green Arrow/Black Canary statue!

Following on from the Conventions question – when (and if) you attend, do you buy all the merchandise that you are able to or are you there for any celebrities that may be attending and getting any autographs/photos?

I more so go to conventions for celebrities (I got to meet Michael Rosenbaum at Dragon Con last year, which was amazing) and panels, but I do look for merchandise as well!

What are the biggest and smallest items in your collection?

The biggest items would probably be some of the posters that I have, and the smallest items would probably be my pins!

I doubt that this will be applicable but out of curiosity, is there an item in your collection that you regret buying. If, by any chance there is, what is the item and why do you regret it?

There aren’t any items I regret buying, but there are definitely items I regret NOT buying!

Is there a Holy Grail for you, an item that you would love to own that may prove to be extremely difficult or even impossible to obtain? 

Yes there is! That would be the DC Collectibles statue of the BatCat kiss from Batman: Hush, but unfortunately it currently goes for over $1,200 on Amazon, which is sadly a little outside my budget right now. Someday hopefully…

Cheeky question, but what is the most and least expensive item that you have added to your collection?

The most expensive item I have is probably my aforementioned DC Comics Designer Series Green Arrow/Black Canary statue. My least expensive item is probably a tie between some of the pins that I have.

And so, another “Confessions of a DC Geek” ends.  Many thanks to Jordan for giving us another entertaining interview, always much appreciated when readers and DC fans get involved in this.  I have no doubt that you will all agree, Jordan deserves the title, as all the others who have taken part, of DC Geek or, as it should be for this website, DC World Geek.

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