The last couple of weekends have been filled with DC power. December 2nd and 3rd brought the DC television universe closer to fans in San Jose, California with Heroes and Villains FanFest. Stars of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Smallville, Supergirl, and The Flash as well as The Punisher, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Gifted were there to meet their fans and have a chance for autographs and selfies.

I volunteered for the second time and didn’t get a chance to see the panels. But I was able to chat with many fans about the DC universe, television and film. Geeking out with other fans at cons is the greatest thing you can do. And if you ever want to volunteer for one, this con is the one to do it.

The following weekend, December 8th-10th, was definitely a trip well worth it. I flew from LAX to JFK airport to see the Justice League cast at the first ACE Comic Con in Long Island. Not only was I going to be redeemed for missing the cast at their Hollywood premiere, but I was going to have an opportunity for a photo op with Mr. Cavill and be able to participate in the scavenger hunt he put together. And since I only had planned the photo op, I was determined to get 1 of the 30 pieces of art Mr. Cavill had hidden around the con.

And with determination and consistently refreshing his Instagram feed as well as quick thinking and feet, Saturday afternoon I got a piece of art. An original sketch from Dan Jurgens. I later got the coin and it’s indescribably gorgeous. I made a YouTube video later that day describing more about the hunt and the coin.


My display at home from the con.

The Sunday after the Justice League panel, the winners and a guest were given a q&a with Mr. Cavill. When we arrived, the stage was set with two chairs and a banner with “Hope Never Dies” and Superman on it with chairs neatly put around the stage. When Mr. Cavill took the stage he quickly removed one of the chairs and told everyone to get closer together. “We’re all family here,” he said. And then instead of sitting in the chair that was left on the stage, he decided to sit on the stage itself bringing himself closer to his fans.

Questions of  his opinion on other DC characters joining the current storyline, to if he wasn’t Superman who else in the DC universe would he like to play, to questions about his dog Kal, to what comic book storyline is his favorite and would like to see put up on the screen were asked around the room.

DC World’s Paul Edwards was also at the q&a and took some video. Here’s his YouTube video:


Mr. Cavill and his team also made a video and posted the weekend event on his Facebook page:

Posted on Instagram Stories shortly after the q&a.

I was also happy to meet Mr. Marc Guggenheim and Mr. Kevin Conroy at the con. In being big fans of Mr. Guggenheim’s shows and  Mr. Conroy as the voice of Batman, I was extremely excited to finally getting to meet them and have a chat with them as well.

With everything that occurred over the weekends, I will be in the clouds for months. What a way to end 2017.