Fan made is a new series of posts by DCWorld exploring the world of  Fan created content on the internet.  Last week we looked at a fan made Green Lantern film

This week fan made focuses on the youngsters of the DC Comic book world.  For many of us we are looking forward to the Titans series that is starting on the brand new DC streaming service this year.  A few stars have already been announced so the hype is real.  But i wanted a dose of Titan goodness today and that wasn’t going to happen with the TV series a while away yet.  So what better way than to find a fan made version of Titans!

This Titans film features Kid Flash, Robin and more DC characters that you are bound to love.  Published in June 2017, the film has had almost 40,000 views so far, but deserves many more.  The guy playing Kid Flash in particular is impressive, his look very much in keeping with the comic books.  He looks a lot more like Wally West, than the Keiynan Lonsdale for starts

If you are a DC fan, many of you will either love or hate this, and nothing inbetween.  But personally, i’ve got a soft spot for all fan videos because the fans know what they want from the characters, so what better way than to make it yourself!

You can checkout the video by Y.E.E below:

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