Team Flash grows and so does Ralph Dibny’s limbs!

Hartley Sawyer joins Team Flash as Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, and I must say what a great casting choice. Staying somewhat true to DC Comics Elongated Man (I see you Gingold soft drink cameo), Hartley Sawyer brings Ralph Dibny to life with his lively and enjoyable on-screen presence. If you’re familiar with the comics, Ralph Dibny has the “charm” like that of Green Lantern and episode 4 does not disappoint as it oozes with undeniable charm, great banter and pure Flash entertainment. The name pretty much speaks for itself. The Elongated Man can elongate any part of his body and although this sounds super-cool, it was also cringe-worthy to see when Barry punches right through Ralph’s face and gets his hand stuck. I had a few “ooh” “ah” moments there! But elongating himself to create a runway for The Flash to reach Mayor Bellows helicopter was the episode highlight for me. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Meanwhile, the hunt is on as Breacher tries his very best to take out Cisco, disapproving of the relationship between Cisco and his daughter. Adding more entertainment to the show, Danny Trejo stars as Breacher, whose powers include vibration blast and teleportation. Similar to that of Vibe. Danny Trejo owns his role as Breacher, with his rugged, serious, yet comical take on the skilled trapper/hunter. Can we say we blame Cisco for not backing down? No. Damn you Gypsy, you have our boy vibin’ over you!

Overall this was a fun episode and a nice change from the previous “darker” episodes. It’s great to see two new additions to the Arrowverse and I’m looking forward to the banter between Barry and Ralph. You can be assured the next episodes to follow will be full of laughs, just the way we like our Flash TV. We back baby!