The Flash is back! Premiering Season 6 on October 8th, the show has been setting up for the upcoming five-episode crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths later in December. This article is to help set up for the coming episode. BEWARE…. there may be some things that are better left to watching the episodes.


Episode 1 – Into the Void

At the top of the episode, Barry and Iris are in the vault when something strange starts to happen. Nora’s message appears and goes on a loop. The next thing they know, Nora’s message has been destroyed.

Months after the incident, both Barry and Iris are keeping themselves busy to not think about the loss of Nora. Barry has been capturing those who look to be Godspeed away. While Iris has been busy developing her newspaper business.

New Villain:

There looks to be a new villain developing in Central City. His name is Dr. Ramsey Rosso. He is a friend of Caitlin. He has a fatal disease, which his mother passes away from. He doesn’t want to die the same way and since he is a scientist, he has found what he thinks is a cure. He asks for Caitlin’s help, but because it involves Dark Matter she declines telling him it could potentially make other metahumans. Without heeding her warning, he injects himself and it interacts with his blood negatively.

New and Funny:

The Flash has a new suit this season. The differences: Last season the chin strap was missing revealing more of Barry’s face. In the middle of episode 1, the chin strap is back! As well as the suit looking more clothlike and without any leather as there has been the previous seasons.

Killer Frost also got a suit this season.

The biggest reveal in the episode when the timeline is changed. No longer is Barry/The Flash going missing in April of 2024, but December 10, 2019.

Episode 2 – A Flash of the Lightning

Barry wants to see if the timeline is true. He tries to travel through the Time Force to December 11th. But is rejected when he hits anti-matter injuring him. He then travels to Earth-3 to see Jay Garrick who is an expert in anti-matter. Garrick expresses to Barry that he has noticed something wrong with the multi-verse showing him a map of his calculations.

They both decide they want answers. Although Barry is unable to get through the anti-matter physically and Garrick is unable to travel due to his diminishing speed, there is a machine Garrick built to be used through sub-consciously. When Barry goes through the matter he is taken through billions of scenarios. But there is only one where all but one person survives in Central City.

Episode 3 – Dead Man Running

Barry tells the team what he saw when he was with Garrick, but he doesn’t tell them there was one exception between the one scenario that would change everything. The team doesn’t believe it will happen and start working on a solution. The question now is: will they find on in time?

A Familiar Face

Harrison Nash Wells descends into Central City. It is not mentioned in the episode which Earth he come from. But he is reference (and does sort looks like) an Indian Jones type character. He has come to Earth-1 looking for something called Eternium. And at the end at the end of the episode it seemed he had found it in the sewer.

A Villain Begins to Rise

Ramsey gets into some trouble when he accidently attacks Mitch Romero. Mitch is thought to be dead, but he wakes up as a zombie in Ramsey’s laboratory, escapes, and attacks others while looking for Dark Matter. When Mitch breaks into the lab at STAR, Ramsey is again face-to-face with Mitch. But this time Ramsey notices Mitch is copying his moves. After Mitch is trapped by The Flash and overloads on Dark Matter, Ramsey gets a sample of his blood. He sees even in the vile, the blood follows his every move. He then has the blood absorb through his skin giving a high he has have more blood.

Preview of Episode 4 – There Will Be Blood: