It seems things are going back to a full circle. With Cisco and Reverse Flash back into the story, the rest of this season looks to be a good one. There have been many questions that need to be answered since Crisis. But it looks, slowly but surely, they will be resolved.

Cisco is back! He went on a trip around the world, taking notes on new and old metahumans from Crisis. He even made a visit to Atalantis and stayed with Atlantians. Did he get to meet Aquaman while he was there? (How cool would it be if Jason Mamoa made a visit to Central City like Ezra Miller did?)

Another happy face to see back, Wally West/Kid Flash. But unfortunately, he is only back for a visit. He has been sensing something wrong with the speed force and hopes Team Flash can give him some answers. But the answer is not what he was expecting.

Barry tells him he has had some glitches with his powers. Wally then tricks Barry in to the speed force. While in there, they both find the speed force is dying and Barry is responsible. How? During Crisis, Barry gave Specter his power to enter the speed force.

Due to the death of the speed force , all speedsters are loosing their powers. Except Reverse Flash. But when he visits Central City he is not all there. He is more in a ghostly state. Although, it doesn’t stop him from sensing Barry’s fading powers and threatening to kill him.

Next episode, “The Exorcism of Nash Wells”